Guide Barca is going to resign

Guide Barca is going to resignDue to unsatisfactory results, the Board of Directors of FC Barcelona intend to resign in full force in extraordinary Assembly, which will take place on 5 may. Before the election of the new Council to be held on 8 July, the Affairs of the club will be leading a special Commission.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Sheringham can be in Valencia

Sheringham can be in ValenciaSpanish Valencia is interested in the services of striker veteran Terry Sheringham. This season, the former striker of Manchester United" played for Tottenham. His future with the team depended on whether or not the "spurs" next year in the UEFA Cup or not. Before the last round of the championship of England, it became clear that in European competitions the club Glenn Hoddle not going to happen.Plenty of offers 37-year-old player is not experiencing. To him already addressed "Fulham" and "Charlton", and the most tempting offer came from sporting FC. But if Valencia will retain an interest in the player, he is very likely to elect the club. Читать полностью -->

Valdano believes in his guys before the Champions League match

Valdano believes in his guys before the Champions League matchSports Director of real Madrid's Jorge Valdano was confident that the team can beat Manchester United in the return leg match of the Champions League despite the fact that in recent years the game of the campaign leaves much to be desired: "there Are days when players don't have the right attitude. They fail to Shine, and they make mistakes, as happened in the match against Barcelona. Real Madrid looked good in the first half but failed to convert their chances. No matter what, the team remains the leader of the standings of the championship of Spain," said Valdano.About the upcoming match against Manchester United in the Champions League Valdano said: "This will be a very difficult match because we will play against a team that has the most powerful attack in Europe. Anyway, I believe in our guys, in their ability".. . Читать полностью -->

Carlo Ancelotti: This is a very exciting game

Carlo Ancelotti: This is a very exciting gameAhead of the match against inter coach Milan Carlo Ancelotti met with reporters. At the press conference was also attended by the team captain Paolo Maldini. First of all, the coach said: "we have Definitely come a long way. The semi-finals of the Champions League gives us a huge sense of self-satisfaction. All this brings us tranquility and motivation. We hope to reach the final. Читать полностью -->

The German Championship. Bayern mocked Gerta

The German Championship. Bayern mocked Gerta1:0 Ricken, 28; 2:0 Ricken, 55; 3:0 Of The Rhine, 65; 4:0 Koller, 67; 4:1 Ciric, 89 1:0 Demo, 37; 2:0 Forsell, 63; 3:0 Scuba, 77 0:1 Sforza, 5; 1:1 Maric, 19; 2:1 Maric, 57; 2:2 Mifsud, 69 1:0 Barbares, 18; 2:0 Romeo, 58; 2:1 Balich 88; 3:1 Meyer, 90; 4:1 Jacobsen, 90 1:0 Ballack, an own goal 5; 1:1 Elber, 19; 1:2 Pizarro, 22; 1:3 Pizarro, 23; 1:4 Albury, 39; 1:5 Elber, 45; 2:5 Marcelinho, 60 pen.; 2:6 Ballack, 88; 3:6 Marcelinho, 89 1:0 Hiii, 5; 2:0 SROs, 34; 3:0 Hessler, 65 0:1 Marques, an own goal 51. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Milan - Como: match stats

Milan - Como: match statsMilan - Como 2-0 (1-0)goals: 11' Inzaghi(pen), 59' Nesta Milan: Dida; ЕЎimiД‡, Nesta, Roque jГєnior, Maldini (77' Kaladze); Gattuso, Ambrosini (61' Seedorf), Brokk; Rivaldo; Shevchenko, Inzaghi (70' Tomasson). In stock: Abbiati, Laursen, Redondo, Rui Costa. Coach: Ancelotti. Como: Brunner; Thomas, Stellini, Juarez; Sicardi, KOe (78' On Target), Current, Allegretti (52' Peccia), Music; Amoroso, Anaclerio (52' Greco). In stock: Ferron, Gregory, Benin, Binotto. Coach: Fachetti. Читать полностью -->

UEFA will closely follow the match in Tbilisi

UEFA will closely follow the match in TbilisiThe football Federation of Georgia will be in international isolation and Georgian teams will not be allowed to participate in all matches held under the auspices of UEFA, if today during a football match between Russia and Georgia will happen any incident. Such a statement today in Tbilisi was made by the representative of the League the Way Gata. This means, he said that in soccer competitions will not be able to participate not only the national team of Georgia, but of any of the Georgian football club. P. Gata expressed hope that today's match between Russia and Georgia will be without incident, and Georgian fans and players will create problems. In turn, P. Читать полностью -->

Hungary - Luxembourg: match review

Hungary - Luxembourg: match reviewIn confident victory against Hungary in a friendly match with Luxembourg Austrian striker "Assault" Imre SABIC scored a double. This game took place in Budapest "Mederi-uchi".Last month scored a great form of SABIC noted the poker against the Swedes in the youth team, and impressed with his playing Imre Gellei released striker in the starting lineup. Technical striker met the expectations of the coach, and then terrorizing the defense of the guests reactive breakthroughs.Already in the 18th minute, the hosts, thanks to a goal by Zoltan Gera, came forward, but 7 minutes later Jeff Strasser equalized. Until the end of the half, the team created a minimum of moments, and break rivals went with the score 1:1, certainly more satisfied guests.The second half was very different from the first 45 minutes. Guests are unable to hold an impressive pace and were lost attacking under the pressure from the hosts. In the 52nd minute, SABIC again Hungarians brought forward, soon, Christian Listes and scored the third goal, and 22 minutes before the end of the match Christian Kenesei brought the score to devastating - 4:1.By this time the outcome was never in doubt even the Luxembourgers, and SABIC in the final minute of the meeting wrapped in his debut match, scoring the 5th goal of his team.June 7, Hungarians in a crucial qualifying match of Euro 2004 will take Latvians, leading in the 4th group. Читать полностью -->

McCarthy: It is time to rebuild the team

McCarthy: It is time to rebuild the team"Sunderland" lost "Birmingham" 0-for - 2 on Saturday and said goodbye to the Premier League. The newly appointed team coach Mick McCarthy said that it was time to rebuild the team."Until this week, we thought some of the changes made to the team, if we manage to survive in the Premier League. However, now it will start in the first division, where we execute our plans in the open. Of course, players are hurt. When we get home, they realize that they are no longer among the elite. Maybe this pain will make them next season to try again to return to the Premier League," said McCarthy.Commenting on the removal Stewart, a former Republic of Ireland Manager added: "This wasn't supposed to happen. Читать полностью -->

The Locomotive Torpedo. The analysis of the match

The Locomotive Torpedo. The analysis of the matchAt their stadium in Cherkizovo the railroad lost to the players, "torpedo", which won its first victory in the current Premier League campaign.Ahead of the match in the troubled field of the stadium "locomotive", last February the test of Champions League, they appeared bright green grass. And although the administration of the club from its decision to replace the lawn is not refused, the first sprouts of spring certainly inspired yesterday both teams, at the start of the season is clearly not dobrovie points.And the railroad, and were quickly settled on the field and almost did not detain the ball in the middle. Rivals reasonably judged that the April lawn will be the most effective long passes on horseback. In this game in the first half sharpness largely managed to create the torpedo. Forwards-Legionnaires "Locomotive" parks and Cesar all could not catch the ball. Читать полностью -->

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