Valery Karpin: Departure Barca out of the Champions League we were not on hand

Valery Karpin: Departure Barca out of the Champions League we were not on handThe Central match of the round of the championship of Spain in the first division, of course, is meeting at camp Nou between local Barcelona and the main European sensation of the season, real Sociedad. One of the leaders of the Basque team Valery Karpin said that his club can beat the Catalans, in fact, struggling for survival in the high places of the Iberian football, reports Marca. Russian midfielder expressed his opinion about the failures Barca, noting that too many forces gave the Catalans the Champions League. In addition, the Karpin does not understand the basis for criticism of the striker blue garnet Patrick Kluivert, who, according to Valery, is one of the best strikers in the world. About the team's chances of winning the Karpin said: "judging from the statistics, the "Leopard" is the favorite, but statistics never be trusted, because at the moment we are in better shape. And if we also qualitatively carry out his work in the last two rounds, we can gain a very important three points." At the same time, "they will want to cling to the right to play in the UEFA, and for them the game will be extremely important," said the Russian, adding that "thus, the departure Barca out of the Champions League objectively not good for the "real Sociedad". Читать полностью -->

Bayern and KirchMedia paid for votes federations

Bayern and KirchMedia paid for votes federationsThe Munich "Bavaria" and the company, owned by media magnate Leo Church, has offered to provide funding to four football federations in return for a voice in choosing the venue of the world Cup 2006 As reported by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Bayern agreed to play friendly matches in Malta, Thailand, Tunisia and Trinidad and Tobago, and the company Leo Lutheran Church gave the rights to broadcast these matches local federations in exchange for their votes.According to the organizers of the world championship, it is "common practice" for Bayern, it has the right to participate in such games, and to vote no effect.Press-Secretary of the organizing Committee of the world championship Gerd Kraus added that he did not see any violations that the company owned by Leo Church, openly dealt to convince some federations to vote for Germany.In the struggle for the right to host the FIFA world Cup 2006 Germany in July 2000, just one voice (12:11) ahead of South Africa, which was considered the favorite in this contest.Sueddeutsche Zeitung, citing sources in subsidiaries KirchMedia, in particular, in the Swiss marketing Agency CWL, Federation of Malta, Thailand, Tunisia and Trinidad and Tobereplaced from $250 to $300 thousand for television broadcasting rights for the matches of Bayern Munich, which took place in these countries.All these accusations denies Franz Beckenbauer: "Whoever said that with the help of friendly matches to get the right to host the world Cup, doesn't know what he's talking about," said Beckenbauer, President of the organizing Committee of the championship, in an interview with the newspaper Bild am Sonntag on Saturday.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Nigmatullin off the series With

Nigmatullin off the series WithIn the next round of the series In the "Salernitana" advocated by the Russian goalkeeper Ruslan Nigmatullin was countered by a direct competitor in the struggle for survival "Bari". For the team of Fernando Varelli was home arena, and in the 14th minute, the hosts opened the scoring with a goal Stendardo, but to build on the success of the players from Salerno failed. Before the break Cordoba equalized, and then De Rosa set the final score. In the end, "Bari", acting under the guidance of world champion 1982 Marco Tardelli, won 6 win of the season, rising to a saving 16th place in the standings. Now "Salernitana", which includes 90 minutes spent Nigmatullin, "behind the "Bari" by 13 points. Given the fact that prior to the completion of the championship series In 7 rounds left, it can be argued undoubted decline of the club from Salerno in series C."Salernitana" - "Bari" - 1:2 (1:1).Goals: Stendardo 14 - Cordoba 20, De Rosa 61. Читать полностью -->

In anticipation of Renaissance thought

In anticipation of Renaissance thoughtUpcoming Sunday confrontation between historically neprimirimy rivals CSKA Moscow and Spartak, promises to answer rhetorical until now, the question: can two leading local team to demonstrate European thought in the Russian context.Once the great commander Frederick the Great said, "When the soldier begins to think, he ceases to be a soldier." It is unlikely that in those days the illustrious monarch had some idea about the game, which in a few centuries will be the same war, only the rules. And the attributes in this war will be exactly the same as at present. And it will go all year round, in different countries, and take him most of the population of the planet.The only thing, perhaps, a little mistake Prussian king, is the fact that the soldier is not entitled to a flight of fancy. If the player does not think on the field, great heights in the game, he probably will not reach, even in the absence of errors and the detailed implementation of tactical plans of the commander. Why? And because football is a living organism, an idea which is the main priority. Football will kill without thought the principle of the game, not to mention the fact that look at is the misery will be only its main actors: the viewer is frankly disgusting to watch a puppet exercise 22 figures, strictly following the pre-designed rules.That's why at the beginning of the construction of domestic democracy football was temporarily on the margins of the social reality.Empty grandstands to the illustrated people's attitudes to multi-level transformations, one of the victims was the most popular sport around the world. Читать полностью -->

Wenger draw in the match with Manchester

Wenger draw in the match with ManchesterThe head coach of Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger believes that a draw in the match with Manchester United will not be such a bad result."No matter what happens, don't forget that we still have a game in hand. Even if a draw, no disaster will be," said Wenger.Last year Arsenal in may won at old Trafford 1-0 and after they won the title and the Cup. However, Wenger is not inclined to draw Parallels between the current matches."The difference with the match a year ago that the "Manchester" definitely needed a victory. We can play and draw".Further, the mentor of the gunners said that, of course, the team will play to win as Arsenal have set their sights on an unprecedented England achievement - winning the League and Cup for the second year in a row."The sequence is the trademark of our club. We play very consistently. The fact that we will play in the Cup final for the third year in a row is what it says. Читать полностью -->

Portuguese football on the verge of collapse

Portuguese football on the verge of collapsePortuguese football may face the danger of collapse, if in the near future will not be reformed. This became known from the statement of the President of the Union of football players of Portugal Antonio Carraca made them on Monday."If we do not carry out these reforms, the crisis could not be avoided. Otherwise professional football in Portugal could disappear altogether - in this we have not the slightest doubt," said Caraka in an interview with Reuters.Carraca noted that a similar problem was faced by many European countries. According to him, one or two Portuguese clubs are sufficiently stable financially and can afford to join the international League of major European clubs, which can become a kind of alternative to national Championships. However, other clubs in this case will face the threat of being closed down."For the other clubs will almost no chance to survive," said Caraka.A recent example of what may face professional football Portugal, was recorded on Saturday. The President of the club of the second division "Farense" resigned, leaving the club in the deepest financial crisis. Читать полностью -->

Al Ahli won the Cup Egypt

Al Ahli won the Cup EgyptThe Cairo team al-Ahly won the Cup Egypt, winning on penalties "the View" with the score 4:3. Extra time of the match ended with the score 1:1.It is now the 33rd success of the club in the Cup, and it needs to brighten up the impression of a not too successful season - al-Ahly lost the title, losing in the last round match team Zamalek.After the completion of normal time on the scoreboard glowed zeros. But the second extra time has been very dramatic. 6 minutes before the end the player of national team of Egypt Khaled Bab brought al-Ahly forward. But two minutes later Mohsen of Appraisa managed to equalize.. . Читать полностью -->

Ireland and Georgia shared the points

Ireland and Georgia shared the pointsOpponents of the youth national team of Russia on the 10th qualifying group for the European championship 2004 - team Ireland and Georgia - completed face-to-face meeting with draw 1:1. Goals on account of Krajina and Akhali. Owners with 63 minutes played in the minority - the red card received Gilroy. This draw does not affect the position of the Russian national team - it still ranks second in the group behind the Swiss on 4 points but with a game in hand.. . . Читать полностью -->

Northern Ireland - Greece: match report

Northern Ireland - Greece: match reportTwo goals Angelos Charisteas has provided the Greek victory over Northern Ireland in group 8. The Irish finished the game with nine men.Victory on the road revived the chances of the Greeks to finish in the top two, while Northern Ireland has continued its sad series of 17 months without a win and 792 minutes without a goal.The owners have created a dangerous moment in the first minute, but Grant Makan sent canopy Keith Gillespie into the hands of the Antonios Nikopolidis.Guests showed teeth in a matter of seconds later - Stylianos Giannakopoulos hit the ball from six yards, but Mike Taylor managed to parry the shot.Such a bright beginning promised a goal - and he was held for 3 minutes. Vassilios Tsiartas brilliant longitudinal Paz opened the defense of the Irish, and the Angelos Charisteas clearly finished sequence. Goal added the Greek confidence, and they, with their conductor Cartasol, confidently took control of inititives. Playmaker Greeks found Charisteas another beautiful pass for 6 minutes, but this time the defense was on the alert.Several successful attacks conducted and Northern Ireland. On 12 minutes, Gillespie canopy found at the far post Makenna, who threw the ball to Steve Lomas - captain ran the ball over the crossbar.He's dangerously attacked five minutes later, but, Nikolaos Dabizas defused the situation at the gate. Читать полностью -->

The guardsmen of the national teams

The guardsmen of the national teamsThe list includes all players who have played for the national teams of 100 or more games of class "A" (13 April 2003) Player Country Games Years 1 Claudio Suarez Mexico 170* 1992-2002 2 Mohamed al-Deee Saudi Arabia 165* 1990-2002 3 Adnan al Talyani UAE 1984 till 1997 163 4 Hossam Hassan Egypt 160* 1985-2002 5 Kobe Jones U.S. 159* 1992-2002 6 Lothar Matthaus of Germany 150 1980-2000 7 Mohamed al Hilive Saudi Arabia 143* 1990-2001 Thomas Ravelli Sweden 143 1981-1997 9 Majed Abdullah of Saudi Arabia 140 1978-1994 10 Myung Bo Hong South Korea 135* 1990-2002 11 Jeff Agus USA 133* 1988-2002 12 Jorge Campos Mexico 129* 1991-2002 Peter Schmeichel Denmark 129* 1987-2001 14 Marcelo Balboa USA 128* 1988-2000 15 Paolo Maldini Italy 126* 1992-2003 Marko Kristal Estonia 126* 1992-2002 Andoni Zubizaretta Spain 126 1985-1998 18 Gheorghe Hagi Romania 125 1983-2000 Ibrahim Hassan Egypt 125* 1988-2002 Peter Shilton England 125 1970-1990 21 Hani Ramzi Egypt 124* 1989-2003 22 Masami Ihara, Japan 123 1988-1999 23 Cha Bum-kun S. Korea 121 1972-1986 Ramin Rodriguez Mexico 121 1991-2000 25 Pat Jennings S. Ireland 119 1964-1986 26 Martin Reim Estonia 118* 1992-2003 27 Heinz Hermann Switzerland 117 job promotion: 1978-1991 28 Roland Nielsen Sweden 116 1986-2000 29 Cafu, Brazil 115* 1990-2003 Bjorn Nordquist Svezia 115 1963-1978 Gheorghe Popescu Romania 115* 1988-2003 32 David Carabott Malta 113* 1987-2003 Dorial Munteanu, Romania 113* 1991-2003 34 Alan Geiger Switzerland 112 1980-1996 Dino Zoff of Italy 112 1968-1983 36 Carmel Busuttil Malta 111 1982-2001 Carlos Valderrama Colombia 111 1985-1998 38 Paul Caliguri USA 1984 till 1997 110 39 Alberto Garcia ASPE Mexico 109 1988-2002 Wael Suleiman al-Habashi Kuwait 109 1986-1997 41 Jurgen Klinsmann Germany 108 1987-1998 42 Bobby Moore England 107 1962-1973 43 Diego Pablo Simeone Argentina 106* 1988-2002 Eric Wynalda USA 106 1990-2000 45 Bobby Charlton England 105 1958-1970 Hector Chumpitaz Peru 105 1965-1981 al Daei Iran 105* 1993-2002 jГјrgen Kohler Germany 105 1986-1998 49 Ladislav bГјlent Romania 104 1988-1988 Michael Laudrup Denmark 104 1982-1998 Viktor Onopko Russia/CIS 104* 1992-2003 Torbjorn Svensson Norway 104 1947-1962 Billy Wright England 104 1946-1959 sang Chul Yoo S. Korea 104* 1994-2003 55 Franz Beckenbauer Germany 103 1965-1977 Marcel Desailly France 103* 1993-2003 Didier Deschamps France 103* 1989-2000 sung-Hong Hwang South Korea 103 1993-2002 59 Kenny Dalglish Scotland 102 1971-1986 Andreas Herzog Austria 102* 1988-2003 Morten Olsen, Denmark 102 1970-1989 Steve Staunton Ireland 102* 1988-2002 63 Leonel de jesГєs ГЎlvarez 101 Columbia 1985-1997 Oleh Blokhin USSR 101 1972-1988 Frank de Boer Holland 101* 1990-2003 Josef bozsik Hungary 101 1947-1962 Joe Brincat, Malta 101* 1988-2003 Thomas Hessler Germany 101 1988-2000 Claudio Taffarel Brazil 101* 1988-1998 70 Alex Aguinaga Ecuador 100* 1987-2002 Luis Enrique Capurro Ecuador 100* 1985-2003 Ari Hjelm Finland 100 1983-1996 Ulf Kirsten GDR 100 1985-2000 Joe-Max Moore USA 100* 1992-po 99 matches held Ivan Hurtado* (Ecuador) and Tony Meola* (USA). 98 - the Bar DOS Santos (Brazil) and Joachim Streich (GDR), 97 - Laurent Blanc* (France), Runar Kristinsson* (Iceland), Borislav Mihaylov (Bulgaria), Oscar Ruggeri (Argentina) and Eric Torvet (Norway). Читать полностью -->

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