Scottish Premier League increases referees salary

Scottish Premier League increases referees salaryLeading arbitrators serving the matches of the national championship of Scotland, the new season will receive a great salary, reports British newspaper The Sun. The publication reports the names of those judges. This is Hugh Dallas, Stuart Dougal, Kenny Clark and Mike McCurry. It is known that their earnings will increase by 44% from 360 to 520 pounds per match.. . . Читать полностью -->

Chervichenko: 'll Get Romantsev lawyer

Chervichenko: 'll Get Romantsev lawyerToday in the "News-Sport", which will air at 23.30 Moscow time President of Spartak Andrew Chervichenko comment on the criminal case against members of the football club "Spartak" under two articles of the criminal code of the Russian criminal code. We will focus on the transfer of Dmitri Alenicheva from "Spartacus" in Italian is "Roma", which occurred in 1998. Then the Russian player was the proceeds of $ 7 million, translated into foreign accounts "red and white, in Russia this money has not been received. This fact became the basis for the criminal case on two articles - "the return from abroad of foreign currency assets" and "tax evasion"."You might be surprised, but at the club any papers on the criminal case initiated against "Spartak" no, "said Andrew Chervichenko in an interview with the Vesti-Sport". - However, this is a matter of vanity has long been. Who helped to be the case now? I have my own thoughts on the matter. Читать полностью -->

Aragones is going to win real

Aragones is going to win realAccording to Spanish news Agency EFE, the coach of atlГtico Luis Aragones has no doubt that his players will be able to defeat real Madrid in this match the 37th round.The first meeting of these teams this season ended with the score 2:2, "red-white" could win in the 90th minute after kick Demetrio Albertini.The match was played at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, and Aragones believes that at the Vicente calderГіn his players will be able to beat one of the best clubs in the world.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Del Boschi said he could leave real Madrid

Del Boschi said he could leave real MadridThe coach of real Madrid's Vicente del Bosque in an interview with a Spanish television channels said that the fact that he still has not signed a new contract, means only one thing - this season will be his last as a mentor."We all have a gut, and my gut tells me that I will not continue to coach the club, I would be hard to keep doing it." Del Bosque described the time he spent at the club as "35 wonderful years" and stated that his departure will not be sad.In addition, he resisted all those journalists who claimed that he was making a tactical error. "I never left in the UEFA Champions League final, David Beckham on the bench (here Del Bosque made a reservation - this fact took place during the second leg of the 1/4 finals of the Champions League 2002-03), as Alex Ferguson". He also recalled that journalists are constantly rebuke mentor other capital club - Atletico - because he too often shuffles composition, while Del Bosque himself has been criticized for failing to make drastic changes in the ranks of his team, according to Marca.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The leaders took over in the dugout back in team

The leaders took over in the dugout back in teamLeading players of "Spartak-Alania" Arthur Bagaev, Michael Ashvetia and Zurab Menteshashvili started training and preparing for the match with CSKA. In last night's game against Chornomorets; all three did not participate allegedly because of injuries. However, according to the sources, credible, they had some disagreements with management of the club, who managed to settle a few days later. But then at FC Spartak-Alania" began to Mature another conflict. According to unofficial data, the General Director of "Spartak-Alania". . Читать полностью -->

Andriy Shevchenko: Parma difficult opponents

Andriy Shevchenko: Parma difficult opponentsAndriy Shevchenko has begun to prepare for the match against Parma. Despite the disappointment of the draw with Spain, the Ukrainian does not lose sight of the fight for the scudetto. "We are on the eve of a very complex game with a team that easily conducts the current season. Despite many changes, "Parma" shows entertaining and effective football, she has a lot of players that can benefit. It will be tough opponents, but we can't lose such an important points," said the Ukrainian striker.. . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Spain. Real got a slap in the face from the team Karpin

The Championship Of Spain. Real got a slap in the face from the team Karpin1:0 Garcia, 4 0:1 Tamudo, 23 pen.; 0:2 A. Garcia, 58; 1:2 L. Garcia, 74; 1:3 Domoraud, 77; 2:3 Hibic, 85; 3:3 Agulera, 90 0:1 Diaz, 1; 1:1 Ortega, 2; 1:2 Guerrero, 7 pins.; 1:3 Diaz, 43; 2:3 This, 53; 33 This, 83 1:0 Canabal, 87 0:1 Urzaiz, 76; 1:1 Bolich, 84 1:0 Pavement, 44 1:0 Kovacevic, 3; 2:0 Kovacevic, 20; 3:0 Kahveci, 32; 3:1 Ronaldo, 33; 4:1 Alonso, 34; 4:2 Portillo, 84 1:0 Fireplace, 8. . . Читать полностью -->

Wenger: seaman will remain at Highbury

Wenger: seaman will remain at HighburyThe head coach of Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger praised above all praise the game team goalkeeper David Seaman after a Cup match against Sheffield United". The seaman held its thousandth of a professional meeting and after the first four weeks of inactivity due to a knee injury. After the match, Wenger said that the 39-year-old, and conclude if his football career, he will be guaranteed a place in the coaching staff."I'm not thinking about next season, but David just stay with us, and after a career, of course as a coach, working with goalkeepers. I'm glad he was able to create such saves the day when he spent his thousandth match. Sure it's a reward for its performance, both in training and on the field. It should serve as an example of professionalism for beginners and young goalkeepers," said Arsene Wenger.French specialist also noted that the current sports form the guard gate "gunners" much better than when he first took the reins of the London club in 1996, the year: "Indeed he is now in better shape than it was then. Читать полностью -->

Da Silva: do you regret that you chose Lisbon suburbs

Da Silva: do you regret that you chose Lisbon suburbsThe first Russian goals the Brazilian da Silva would be the taste of even the most demanding football gourmets. Naturally, after the final whistle striker, played for "Portales", "Curitiba", "goiГЎs", "Cruzeiro" and the Swiss "Lugano", was satisfied.- Saturn sets high goals and is bound to win at home constantly, " says striker. I'm glad today was able to continue the winning streak and give a feast to the fans.- You had a personal holiday - 27th birthday.- Naturally, it became more stimulating. I hope this one is only the beginning and after the first business goals will emerge all the better. Already managed to adapt in a new country?- Initially, of course, was experiencing some discomfort. In Brazil still hot, and here, on the contrary, it is cold. Читать полностью -->

Gary Neville: England will not make the same mistakes that Turkey

Gary Neville: England will not make the same mistakes that TurkeyThe England defender Gary Neville has said that England will not make the same mistake, and Turkey. We are talking about the statements of the Turkish national team players that they will be able to beat England in Newcastle. Neville thinks that the opinion of the Turks was supported unimpressive victory for England in Liechtenstein (2-0)."I think the Turks made a mistake, ascertaining that can beat us, and most importantly, has publicly stated this. You can sometimes look like a fool to say such a thing. Probably such sentiments arose after our match against Liechtenstein, and they thought that he would come and beat us. It was weird, because the Turks did not score any goals in England, and this time they did not work," said Neville."We achieved a positive result in severe circumstances. Читать полностью -->

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