The Championship Of Spain. Real got a slap in the face from the team Karpin

The Championship Of Spain. Real got a slap in the face from the team Karpin1:0 Garcia, 4 0:1 Tamudo, 23 pen.; 0:2 A. Garcia, 58; 1:2 L. Garcia, 74; 1:3 Domoraud, 77; 2:3 Hibic, 85; 3:3 Agulera, 90 0:1 Diaz, 1; 1:1 Ortega, 2; 1:2 Guerrero, 7 pins.; 1:3 Diaz, 43; 2:3 This, 53; 33 This, 83 1:0 Canabal, 87 0:1 Urzaiz, 76; 1:1 Bolich, 84 1:0 Pavement, 44 1:0 Kovacevic, 3; 2:0 Kovacevic, 20; 3:0 Kahveci, 32; 3:1 Ronaldo, 33; 4:1 Alonso, 34; 4:2 Portillo, 84 1:0 Fireplace, 8. . . Читать полностью -->

Wenger: seaman will remain at Highbury

Wenger: seaman will remain at HighburyThe head coach of Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger praised above all praise the game team goalkeeper David Seaman after a Cup match against Sheffield United". The seaman held its thousandth of a professional meeting and after the first four weeks of inactivity due to a knee injury. After the match, Wenger said that the 39-year-old, and conclude if his football career, he will be guaranteed a place in the coaching staff."I'm not thinking about next season, but David just stay with us, and after a career, of course as a coach, working with goalkeepers. I'm glad he was able to create such saves the day when he spent his thousandth match. Sure it's a reward for its performance, both in training and on the field. It should serve as an example of professionalism for beginners and young goalkeepers," said Arsene Wenger.French specialist also noted that the current sports form the guard gate "gunners" much better than when he first took the reins of the London club in 1996, the year: "Indeed he is now in better shape than it was then. Читать полностью -->

Da Silva: do you regret that you chose Lisbon suburbs

Da Silva: do you regret that you chose Lisbon suburbsThe first Russian goals the Brazilian da Silva would be the taste of even the most demanding football gourmets. Naturally, after the final whistle striker, played for "Portales", "Curitiba", "goiГЎs", "Cruzeiro" and the Swiss "Lugano", was satisfied.- Saturn sets high goals and is bound to win at home constantly, " says striker. I'm glad today was able to continue the winning streak and give a feast to the fans.- You had a personal holiday - 27th birthday.- Naturally, it became more stimulating. I hope this one is only the beginning and after the first business goals will emerge all the better. Already managed to adapt in a new country?- Initially, of course, was experiencing some discomfort. In Brazil still hot, and here, on the contrary, it is cold. Читать полностью -->

Gary Neville: England will not make the same mistakes that Turkey

Gary Neville: England will not make the same mistakes that TurkeyThe England defender Gary Neville has said that England will not make the same mistake, and Turkey. We are talking about the statements of the Turkish national team players that they will be able to beat England in Newcastle. Neville thinks that the opinion of the Turks was supported unimpressive victory for England in Liechtenstein (2-0)."I think the Turks made a mistake, ascertaining that can beat us, and most importantly, has publicly stated this. You can sometimes look like a fool to say such a thing. Probably such sentiments arose after our match against Liechtenstein, and they thought that he would come and beat us. It was weird, because the Turks did not score any goals in England, and this time they did not work," said Neville."We achieved a positive result in severe circumstances. Читать полностью -->

Qualifying matches for Euro 2004. Gazzaev continues to set record

Qualifying matches for Euro 2004. Gazzaev continues to set record1:0 Asatiani, 12 0:1 Zielinski, 28; 0:2 Zielinski, 7520:00 Latvia San Marino 22:30 Israel - CIPR:30 Malta - Slovenia. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Zenit will put on the transfer Igonina, Osipova and Hovsepian

Zenit will put on the transfer Igonina, Osipova and HovsepianIn the list displayed on the transfer of players, "Zenith", which should be published on 30 June, the day of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the club may be three experienced player, the team captain 27-year-old midfielder Alexei Igonin, 24-year-old midfielder Sergey Osipov and 30-year-old defender Sargis Hovsepyan.At the moment Igonin officially listed as injured, Osipov plays for the reserves, and Hovsepian Tuesday night, knowing that there will not be included in the main squad for the match against FC torpedo-metallurg", referring to the injury, left the base in Specific.According to available information, the defender of Armenia already has an invitation from "torpedo". To draw at Zenit eight seasons Igonina showed interest, "Saturn", but the leadership of the Moscow club have seemingly refused to purchase the player. Osipov as close to the transition at FC torpedo-metallurg".. . . . Читать полностью -->

All home League matches Spartak will hold in Tarasovka

All home League matches Spartak will hold in TarasovkaAccording to the Albanian electronic publications Sporti Shqiptar, the leadership of the Moscow "Spartak" in order to avoid unnecessary expenses solved all remaining home matches of the championship of Russia to spend at their base in Tarasovka.However, as it became known special correspondent "Газеты.Ru" the true reason for the decision were numerous requests from fans of the club, who urged the President of the red-white Mr. Chernichenko possible to reasonably manage financial account book team and advised him the money saved to buy a couple more stars, preferably with the last name Souza.It is reported that the President has already heeded the requirements and sympathizers in the near future to the club to come to the candidates in the nursery Brazil midfielder Souza Dias, nicknamed "the Jackal" and forward Souza Dias, nicknamed "the Hyena", which is already starting to clap the shoulder of the captain of the "Spartacus" Yegor Titov.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Ruby denied the information about the interest Nigmatullina

Ruby denied the information about the interest NigmatullinaIn the football club "Rubin" has refuted the information about a possible transition from Italian "Salernitana" in Kazan team. Here is the comment as technical Director of FC "Rubin" Dragoljub Pavicevic: "This information is not true. First, we have a strong goalie position: Kozko, Harchik, Aleskerov, Chazov. Secondly, Nigmatullin costs a lot of money". Winter Ruslan was visiting his parents in Kazan, where he held a number of meetings. For example, the President of the club "Rubin" Kamil Isakov. Читать полностью -->

The Galliani about politics Milan

The Galliani about politics MilanThe Galliani about a new club policy: "We started with the extension of the contracts with the coach and the captain. We are not just reissued the old agreement, we signed new. Our goal is a new club policy. Salaries are lower, but longer-term contracts, it will improve the situation in the club. We want the contracts of almost all the players had expired in 2005, because we don't know what will happen to television rights after this point. However, the drop in revenue easily predictable". Читать полностью -->

The FA Cup. 1/2 finalArsenal - Sheffield United" (D-2) - 1:0 (1:0)Goal: Ljungberg, 34.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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