The Championship Of Russia. First division: tour overview

The Championship Of Russia. First division: tour overviewRevelation torabinejad ZELKYAVICHYUS, head coach of "Baltika":- Sympathy for us judges are not clearly. That certainly adds a touch of nervousness. Especially on the road. In Tomsk, we conceded a penalty and a free kick, here is again from the penalty spot.Vladimir PUZANOV, head coach of metallurg-Kuzbass":- 's Just lucky that today we do not miss.Sergey SAVCHENKO, chief coach of "Torch-Voronezh":- we are not the team that is always able to push the opponent's defense.Event turchanin offseason "Kuban" is becoming the only team in the division, had brought out with 6 points. After the victory over Terek in Lermontov team Vladimir Legoida wins a hard-fought win in Nalchik and leads the championship table. Читать полностью -->

Liverpool is planning two freshmen

Liverpool is planning two freshmenThe main Liverpool coach Gerard Houllier said that one should not expect in the offseason loud purchases. The team will join only two freshmen."We already strong squad, one of the strongest in Europe. Now we need to create one of these players a powerful team and it is a long and painstaking process," said Gerard Houllier. "But we're on the right track, and next season we will try not to disappoint our fans." Gerard Houllier has denied the information about a possible transition in the Brazilian Rivaldo. "Rivaldo is a great player, but we will not. First, it belongs to Milan, and secondly, we have so many decent players acting in his position".However, two recruits in "Liverpool" will appear. Читать полностью -->

Ignatiev: Loco does not consider the candidature of the Bridge

Ignatiev: Loco does not consider the candidature of the BridgeSports Director of railwaymen Boris Ignatiev has denied rumors of leaving the team Malkhaz Asatiani and the invitation of the Spanish midfielder "salty" Alexander's Bridge. "Information about the transition Asatiani in Tbilisi "Dinamo" on loan untrue, " said Ignatieff. - As for the Bridge, we did not make any proposals to Alexander. His candidacy has not even considered". In the match of the 14th round of the championship of Russia with Dynamo, apparently, will not be able to participate Vladimir Maminov and Ruslan Pimenov, according to "Soviet sport".. . Читать полностью -->

Saturn snatched victory sverhmalie

Saturn snatched victory sverhmalieThe stadium "torpedo" Eduard Streltsov was Saturday place of pilgrimage for fans of the Ramensky "Saturn". Guest fans placed in the sector, where there is always usually located torpedolike support group. But the most surprising was the fact that the Ramensky fans are captivated and-the press box. Confusion with tickets already becoming a beach, in "torpedo-metallurg". However, few journalists "pleasant" surprise a couple of minutes before the final whistle. Probably due to the danger of a bloody conflict between the "wordsmiths" and "monsters" from the VIP lodges a "prudent" chief, it was decided to build a tight company of soldiers along the "dividing line" between these sectors. Читать полностью -->

Labor day, or a gift to the 300 anniversary

Labor day, or a gift to the 300 anniversaryThe background match "Zenit" and "torpedo" that took place at Petrovsky stadium on may 17, was clear even to a child. Zenit had to redeem for a record defeat against Dinamo in the last round. Otherwise, it is unknown as would have taken protracted unfortunate series in St. Petersburg. It is understood and the former, at least, appearing on television the day after the defeat, he clearly gave to understand that the match must be won. So nobody was surprised by the mood of the match Zenit - the team struggled and wanted to go to the rival's goal. Читать полностью -->

Mark Juliano: Not the time to reduce speed

Mark Juliano: Not the time to reduce speedTorino in Serie a and Barcelona in the Champions League is very important matches for us. This year we are very good. We can't afford to reduce the momentum and we will definitely succeed."""Derby is not the same game as everyone else. I am sure that Torino will bring us a lot of problems. In the final position in the standings loses all meaning and we have to go all out to get three points."The last match in Serie a for Juventus ended in defeat. It was at the San Siro against Milan. Читать полностью -->

Andriy Shevchenko: I don't like talking behind my back

Andriy Shevchenko: I don't like talking behind my backFor Ukrainian striker Milan held on Saturday game of the national team was an accurate reflection of the entire last season. Competitive value of the result of the match with Spain for the Ukrainians was very great. And presence on the field Shevchenko was necessary to his team. What came out actually: 1) he complains of back pain; 2) Buryak it changes in the middle of the second half; 3) after replacing it immediately goes to the locker room with his head down, very upset; 4) his team without its most talented footballer particularly any dividends. Sports career taught Andrew to always be irreplaceable. And in his Dynamo Kyiv Shevchenko was the football player, around which were built the team. Читать полностью -->

Valery Karpin: Departure Barca out of the Champions League we were not on hand

Valery Karpin: Departure Barca out of the Champions League we were not on handThe Central match of the round of the championship of Spain in the first division, of course, is meeting at camp Nou between local Barcelona and the main European sensation of the season, real Sociedad. One of the leaders of the Basque team Valery Karpin said that his club can beat the Catalans, in fact, struggling for survival in the high places of the Iberian football, reports Marca. Russian midfielder expressed his opinion about the failures Barca, noting that too many forces gave the Catalans the Champions League. In addition, the Karpin does not understand the basis for criticism of the striker blue garnet Patrick Kluivert, who, according to Valery, is one of the best strikers in the world. About the team's chances of winning the Karpin said: "judging from the statistics, the "Leopard" is the favorite, but statistics never be trusted, because at the moment we are in better shape. And if we also qualitatively carry out his work in the last two rounds, we can gain a very important three points." At the same time, "they will want to cling to the right to play in the UEFA, and for them the game will be extremely important," said the Russian, adding that "thus, the departure Barca out of the Champions League objectively not good for the "real Sociedad". Читать полностью -->

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