Bobby Robson requires 10 points

Bobby Robson requires 10 pointsThe head coach of the Newcastle Bobby Robson, who intends to see his team in the Champions League next season, put the players task to earn 10 points in the remaining five games in the Premier League."Newcastle, who lost recently Everton and Manchester United, is ranked third in the standings with 61 points, one point ahead of Chelsea. This is followed by Everton (56) and Liverpool (55), who meet on Saturday.In an interview with reporters sir Bobby Robson said: "We have 5 games and they are not simple. What we need for trips in the Champions League? I think three wins and a draw. If other teams don't accumulate enough points, then we'll be all right. But since we are not hoping for failure rivals, we need to score 10 points for loyalty". In his last match Newcastle unexpectedly suffered a complete defeat against Manchester United with a score of 2-6: "I'm angry, players angry and upset. Читать полностью -->

RTR withdrew sublicenses of the display of the championship of Russia on football in 7TV

RTR withdrew sublicenses of the display of the championship of Russia on football in 7TVThe TV channel 'Russia', owns the rights to broadcast matches of the Premier League, withdrew a sublicense from 7TV, according to "Soviet sport".Thus, the football broadcast of the matches of the second round of the championship of the Premier League on 7TV will not. All clubs received a Fax with a request until July 9 to revoke the accreditation of employees 7TV and not to allow the broadcaster to the implementation of broadcasting the matches of the championship of Russia.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

On Tuesday, the doctors finally know, did the Foe doping

On Tuesday, the doctors finally know, did the Foe dopingStill not established the cause of death of Cameroonian player team Marc-Vivien the Foe. According to Football365, French experts have rejected the version of artery aneurysm.'We saw it," said Lyons coroner Xavier Rico edition of Le Monde. Now experts are awaiting test results, in particular Toxicological who will be ready no earlier than July 1. RISO believes that talk about the use of doping the Foe and that this could be the cause of his death is premature.'What we are doing more tests doesn't mean that we have confidence in the use of a footballer of doping. Toxicological examination will allow you to accurately determine what medications or other drugs could be detrimental to his health, " said the crown. He also sought from the hospital of Saint-Etienne results of the analysis of blood and urine.. Читать полностью -->

Jose Marie returned to Milan against their will

Jose Marie returned to Milan against their willMadrid 'Atletico' decided not to buy the full contract striker Jose Mari who was leased in 'Milan'. This means that the 24-year-old striker will start next season in the Apennines, unless of course 'Milan' will not provide him with a new option for a job.Jose Marie appeared in 'Milan' in 1999, but despite the fact that he had paid a lot of money to break the Foundation of the Italian club and failed. This season he started in his old team 'Atletico', and his game even managed to get the invitation to the national team of Spain. However, the financial opportunities they leave much to be desired - Jose Marie he was in the end not afford.'It was not a surprise for me," he says. "I knew I'd have to go back to Milan. This season has brought me many joys and sorrows. Читать полностью -->

The fiscal authorities claim that the Alenichev was sold for 7 million and require taxes

The fiscal authorities claim that the Alenichev was sold for 7 million and require taxesRussian football community was stunned by the message that is to be disbanded by July 1 of the Federal service of tax police (FTPS) opened a criminal case against the leadership of the Moscow "Spartak". According to "Izvestia", it is about the return from abroad of major currency funds and tax evasion from the transaction for the sale of Italian club as Roma's best player of Russia 1997 Dmitry Alenicheva. For the transition Alenicheva in 1998 "Roma" paid "Spartak" the $ 7 million that was deposited in accounts in Switzerland, but we were supposed to go to an authorized Russian Bank. Thus, Spartak have not paid into the budget of about $ 1.5 million in taxes. For these crimes the then leaders of "Spartacus", including former Russia coach Oleg Romantsev, may be on the dock.Russian football officials always strictly observed the mystery of the financial activities of the clubs. It is no secret that the majority of the cash flow goes past the prying eyes of the tax authorities, flowing from one pocket to another or uplywa to foreign accounts. Читать полностью -->

Hector Cooper protects the power before the Champions League semi-final

Hector Cooper protects the power before the Champions League semi-finalHector Cooper is the head coach of inter Milan said that today's match against Atalanta" is not for him such value as the upcoming semifinal Champions League game with AC Milan. "I'm going to rest some players," said Cooper."The match against Atalanta BC need to take second place. We just have to win and watch will play Juventus and Lazio, " said the Argentine.The advantage of Juventus equal now eight points, and if he wins today's meeting, and inter draws or loses, Juventus ahead to become Champions of Italy.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Trezeguet could play in the second leg against Barcelona

Trezeguet could play in the second leg against BarcelonaFrench striker Turin "Juventus" won't need surgery on his injured shoulder. Recall that one of the leaders of the Old Lady got injured last Saturday in a match of Serie a against Torino (2:0), trying in the fall to punch the ball head. The management of "Juventus" does not exclude that Trezeguet will participate in the response to the quarter final of the Champions League with Barcelona, which will take place on April 22.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Kleimenov will work with the double Dynamo

Kleimenov will work with the double DynamoFormer goalkeeper of Dynamo Moscow Valery Kleimenov appointed coach of the reserve team. Thus, in duplicate, now three mentor: Sergei Silkin, Mr Shalin and Valery Kleimenov. However, Kleimenov and continues to work with goalkeepers Dynamo school and Amateur teams participating in the tournament KLF, the press service of the "white-blue".. . . . Читать полностью -->

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