The UEFA Cup final will be judged Slovak

The UEFA Cup final will be judged SlovakThe chief arbiter of the final match of the UEFA Cup, which will take place next Wednesday, will be Lubos Michel. The second important European football will compete for the award of the Portuguese 'Port' and Scottish 'Celtic'. The game will take place in Seville, Spain.Michele 35 years, but he is one of the most experienced referees in regard to the maintenance of international matches - in its asset 80 such meetings. In particular, he worked at the Olympic games in 2000, and in 2002 he judged the world Cup qualifier between South Africa and Paraguay. The European Cup final he will judge the first time. To help Michele be two linesman from Slovakia - Igor Sramka and Martin balconies. Читать полностью -->

Milan wants to get rid of Rivaldo

Milan wants to get rid of RivaldoMilan are willing to pay Rivaldo 3 million euros for early termination of contract, according to soccerage. The management team is not satisfied with the game player who was not able to be at Milan. If Rivaldo to settle for breaking the agreement, "Milan" will save 13 million euros, which would have to pay the Brazilian over the next two years.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Stefan Effenberg: the change of power in the Champions League will not be

Stefan Effenberg: the change of power in the Champions League will not beIn its traditional column on the German pages of the electronic publication "" former captain of Bayern Munich Stefan Effenberg analyzes the results atsumasa quarterfinal battles of the Champions League."We all saw a great football night - recognized winner of the UEFA Champions League in 2001 year, is the second game of one-fourth of the final of the European Cup took place exactly as I expected: not only a lot of goals, but a lot of football action. The undisputed hit of the tour was a match at the old Trafford. With all due respect to Manchester United from the outset it was clear that to turn the wheel of fortune in their favor they can not afford. Madrid, with a home victory, until the middle of the second half, constantly had a lead. In their actions was a look of confidence that if need be, they will score as much as necessary for the final victory. For this reason, during the match they sometimes ceded the initiative to the opponent".Stefan Effenberg expressed surprise at the late entrance of David Beckham on the field, but did not fail to add that the outcome of the confrontation between the teams was hardly different if the superstar Alex worked for 90 minutes of the game. Читать полностью -->

Spartacus bought the defender of the national team of Russia

Spartacus bought the defender of the national team of RussiaThe second player that will join Spartak after the Hungarian goalkeeper Е afar, became the defender Tolyatti Lada and the youth national team of Russia Alexander Belozerov, which, we recall, at the time, for half a year already tried his hand in the red and white. "Yes, Alexander will play in Spartak, confirmed this information to the head coach of Spartak Andrey Chernyshov. - It is possible that he will appear in Tarasovka, 30 June, when we meet with the team after the game with Chornomorets. As for the Е afar, he has not yet arrived - there were some problems with the Russian visa," reports "SE".. . . Читать полностью -->

Interview with Luis Figo before the upcoming Derby.

Interview with Luis Figo before the upcoming Derby.Luis Figo has become a symbol of real Madrid. "Meeting", which was made for him by fans in Barcelona in the first leg, making him the main character in the Saturday game. Correspondents of the newspaper "Mark" wanted to talk with Figo to savour this moment. 30 minutes was enough to ensure that he becomes even more madridista day by day. And it seems there is no end. Figo happy in Madrid and he owns it.- At the time you said you signed a contract with real Madrid because he wanted to gain credibility. Читать полностью -->

Winning streak CSKA stopped Rostov

Winning streak CSKA stopped RostovApril 19 at the Dynamo stadium in Moscow, the Russian League leaders CSKA took Rostov, who held up this game in seventh place in the table. All thirteen of thousands of fans came to the match with full confidence in the victory of their favorites. But today, the team won four out of four games at the start of the championship, was not destined to continue its winning streak.CSKA started the game very actively. At the 10th minute of the match after the filing Gogniev corner Semak faster all figured out in the penalty area, but his shot managed to reflect Bliznyuk. Ceresara minutes Gogniev had the opportunity to be different, but Hendrix, timely rescue in defence, carried the ball for a corner. By the middle of the first half, the band managed to equalize the game. Читать полностью -->

Ancelotti: inter vainly believes that dominated

Ancelotti: inter vainly believes that dominatedCoach Milan Carlo Ancelotti said after the first semifinal of the Champions League with inter, he's quite pleased with the result (0:0)."We rather gained in this match than they lost. We played well and had enough chances to score - I'm happy with the result. "Maybe, opponents believe that had some advantage, but it is their right. "said Ancelotti. "I thought the game was supposed to enjoy the audience, it is a pity that there was goals scored. "Inter" is a very strong defensive line, especially in the center. Читать полностью -->

Abramovich will soon buy and Russian club

Abramovich will soon buy and Russian clubVice-President of the Russian football Union (RFU), state Duma Deputy Valery Draganov sees something unusual in the fact that the Governor of Chukotka Roman Abramovich bought the English Chelsea (London), and not some Russian football club. "Nothing unusual there, and first of all it can be regarded as a good investment. Because Chelsea is not only a successful English club, but the stadium, two hotels, an entertainment centre. And that at the end of the season there is a small budget deficit, so it is possible to correct a good transfer policy, " Draganov said in an interview with Interfax. Answering the question, and who then will buy Russian clubs, Draganov said that "he (Abramovich) and will, when the budgets of the Russian clubs will become more transparent, and our Premier League will be more competitive." "Chelsea" this is a test myself in a new business and the path to one of the Russian clubs - I'm sure of it," Draganov said.. . Читать полностью -->

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