Goalkeeper Metallurgist punks bit midfielder Torch Ivanova

Goalkeeper Metallurgist punks bit midfielder Torch IvanovaIn the 71st minute of the "black earth Derby, (the so-called matches between teams of Voronezh and Lipetsk), midfielder "Torch" Ivanov brought people forward, but a moment before the referee on the Iron line was flagged for offside.The goalkeeper of FC Metalurh punks who are dissatisfied with the shot after the whistle, like a vampire, grabbed the neck Ivanova. Players Sergei Savchenkova immediately rushed to defend partner. There was a fight that ended with great difficulty.Shortly before the end of the meeting, Alkhimov scored the ball in the visitors ' goal, but Iron again raised the flag. The incident resulted in another proceeding between the players with elements of martial arts, wrestling and other martial arts. Players were separated by the police, riot police and the heads of the Torch. Ran onto the field and one of the coaches, "metallurg" Berdnikov.The judge from Yaroslavl Alexey Reznikov took a courageous decision to award the goal Alkhimova. As shown later, video, and Ivanov, and Alkhimov scored according to the rules. This was acknowledged and the inspector of the match Alex Polikanov from St. Petersburg. The match ended 2-1..

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