Replace Guseva ready any player of team

Replace Guseva ready any player of teamAfter Valery Karpin has completed a career in the national team, and Rolan Gusev was injured, serious concern for the Russian football fans causes the right midfield position. It was possible to assume that the April 30, this place is Andrei Solomatin, who succeeded Gusev in this position in CSKA. But here's the thing, he also suffered an injury! In the main team of the country last call is no longer rated right halfbacks. So who will close the problematic position in the game against Georgia?We asked the major of candidates which have become vacant due to injury Rolan Gusev position right tackle to answer three questions:1. Are you ready in case of a coach's decision to act on the right side of midfield?2. Do you have experience of playing in that position?3. Who else is in the national team to replace the injured Guseva?Dmitry ALENICHEV, Porto midfielder:1. I started my career, acting on the right side of midfield, and only then moved to the left and in the center. If the situation warrants will play where will you need ? most importantly, team to bring the maximum benefit.2. Yes, but when last went on this position, I forgot - five Years ago.3. I have no way to watch the matches of the championship of Russia, so I can not judge, who, how and what position plays better. Many children were shown only in the national team. I am sure that Valery Gazzaev already have thoughts on it. But the same Andrey Karyaka will surely be able to cover this flank.The probability of occurrence at the position of 40%.Sergei SEMAK, midfielder CSKA:1. The game from the right wing requires a lot of activity, constant movement. I'm ready to act on this place, if I decide Valery Gazzaev, ? the main thing is to enter the field. However, surely everyone is a team player ready to block in the interests of the team any position.2. The last time was not necessary. But had often played right and left, so that any inconvenience in connection with the "reclassification" will not arise.3. In the first place Dmitri Alenichev. Actually a lot depends on what tactics you choose coaches ? the national team have many skilled players that can replace Rolan Gusev.The probability of occurrence at the position of 40%.Igor SEMSHOV, midfielder torpedo:1. Professional soccer player should bring his team the most of any position, no matter where it was set by the coach. So if Valery Gazzaev will send to the right, will do anything to help the team.2. It was played on the flanks. The truth is, mainly, to the left, even in the national team. But the club had the need to go out at right tackle.3. The national team have many players that have more experience playing on the right wing than I am. First of all, this is Dmitri Alenichev and Sergei Semak. I think Valery Gazzaev will be able to find the best option: Gusev "broke" yesterday, so surprise this problem for coaches did not.The probability of occurrence at 10%.Spartak GOGNIEV, CSKA midfielder:1. I'm willing to play any position. Another question ? how it comes out. The last word in any case will remain with the ed. If he would trust me with the right-hand curb, will try not to disappoint. So far it only remains for me to give it my all in training, in order to earn the trust of the coach.2. Never in my life did not come out on the right side of midfield.3. I'm new to the team, so please ask this question to the coach and all the old-timers.The probability of occurrence at 10%..

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