Arsenal - man UTD: match review

Arsenal - man UTD: match reviewAll football Europe, so much awaited confrontation between Arsenal and Manchester United, was rewarded with a fascinating and uncompromising football. In fairness it should be noted that the first half of the match at Highbury did not meet the initial expectations.Guests, the players, "Manchester United", in the first half looked better and in the process created a couple of dangerous moments. On the 9th minute after a cross flow was close to success Paul Scholes, but his header went just over the goal post. The following is the most real moment came somewhere in the middle of the half: John O'shea was on the left flank and brought one on one with the goalkeeper Ruud van Nistelrooy. The latter tossed the ball through Stuart Taylor, however, missed only a few inches.During all this time, Arsenal failed to come up with something intelligible, all taken their attacks were choked about well-built "Alex" defensive orders. On the 23rd minute, "Manchester" was rewarded with a fair goal, protected by Taylor.And again showed great individual skills are in excellent shape Ruud van Nistelrooy: receiving the ball outside the penalty area, the Dutchman at high speed erupted on the ground left, along leaving two defenders and closer with Taylor, gently tossed a leather sphere over the goalkeeper. The home team does not suggest such a course of events, however, as came to Highbury frantic fans of Arsenal. Arsenal after the first half and failed to seriously disturb Fabien Barthez.Yes, even in the 33rd minute due to injury, was forced to leave the field captain of Arsenal Patrick Vieira, which is on the left, the Brazilian ed.In the second half, Arsenal came out a team transformed. Not hard to guess that the break Arsene Wenger gave appropriate instructions to his players and already in the 51st minute Barthez was compelled to capitulate: this is a left-back Ashley Cole burst into the penalty area, after Rio Ferdinand, and shot at goal, having struck on the leg Thierry Henry burst out the gate. The score was even, and the struggle became even more uncompromising. Mostly it was in the center circle and suddenly exploded in a sudden and sweeping attacks from both teams.One of them is on 62nd minute was scoring for the gunners. I must admit that the goal was scored from a very, very dubious position, but rather Henry, having received the transfer of the Central circle, left alone with Barthez and expertly rolled the ball next to his compatriot. On the replay it was clear that the striker Arsenal at the time the pass was offside. However, the judge coolly pointed to the center of the field. Affected by this injustice Manchester United, starting from midfield, scored a goal back immediately.Nicky butt from the right flank into the penalty area, where left without care of Ryan Giggs calmly blow to the head sent the ball into the goal. The balance is once again restored, and the opponents were not going to give an inch of land. In one scene, a pillar of defence Arsenal's Sol Campbell, unable to cope with his nerves, his elbow moved upon the face of fleeing behind him solskjær. After long discussions with a side referee, chief judge Halsey had punished the offender, showing him the red card. All disputes, in order to dissuade the referee in the wrongness of his decision, as always, had no success. Most likely, Campbell intentionally hit solskjær, and judging by a certain episode, the judge made the right decision. But in fairness, we note that before the referee was left without enough attention foul play linebacker, "MU" Nikki BATT.That is, the events that occurred in the second half, were a direct consequence of the carelessness of the judge that released vosi in the first half. Left in the minority, they don't take a back seat to the last minute came. By the end of the meeting Henri could become the author of a hat-trick and man of the match in one person, but his powerful shot hardly eliminated Barthez.Shortly after this point the referee Halsey marked the end of the presentation. It is impossible to say who has benefited a draw. Remember that even before the match, the coach of Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger said that a draw will be a good outcome for his team, and remember Alex Ferguson, who was very happy to go on the field after the match and congratulated his players...At least at the moment, practically nothing has changed: "Manchester United are three points ahead of the gunners really lost points on their equality, which means that the intrigue in the championship is still to come... the Match at Highbury was not decisive..

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