The Irish cheating

The Irish cheatingAlbania - the storm tenth qualifying group. Albanians battered nerves literally everything. The Irish just ground out a victory over them on Saturday. The Irish started the game very fun, in the first minutes of Robbie Keane and Damien Duff induced panic in the opposition defence. It is not surprising that goal took place in the sixth minute, although this particular episode nothing catastrophic was going to happen. Defender Albania Alvin Begiri lost the ball under pressure from Kevin Kilbane, and in the end, Robbie Keane was not difficult to break the Strakosch. Fans of the Irish team also noted a goal, when Albanians equalized. Altin Rraklli was on a completely empty the left flank and gave a pass to outright Erwin Skele - 1-1. Albanians calmed down and clearly began to play in defence. For the remaining in the first half, only kin could again be different, but the shot is parried Strakosha. In the second half, Brian Kerr spent three substitutions, releasing Cresli, Gary Doherty and Stephen Reid. For its extravagance Kerr paid: when the injury was Damien Duff, he was unable to change it. The Irish finished the match with ten men. Duff just miss the match against Georgia on Wednesday. Lost a key player and the Albanians: the clash got a concussion Strakosha, and had to be replaced on the second goalie. The Irish just was not immediately scored, but the defender Chipi knocked the ball after a penalty kick in the performance of Carr. In the end, the Irish won, but did it extremely unconvincing. In stoppage time, Steven Carr gave a pass to Gary Doherty, he shot Aliai and deflected the ball into his own net. The goal was dishonest. The Irish got the ball after one of Albanians knocked him out: at this point, lying on the lawn Igli Tare, received on his feet. Contrary to all the principles of fair play the Irish the ball is not given, and carried out the attack, which became the goal. Ireland - Albania 2:Holy: Robbie Keane, 7, Aliai, 90, in a save - scale, 8.

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