Jose Marie returned to Milan against their will

Jose Marie returned to Milan against their willMadrid 'Atletico' decided not to buy the full contract striker Jose Mari who was leased in 'Milan'. This means that the 24-year-old striker will start next season in the Apennines, unless of course 'Milan' will not provide him with a new option for a job.Jose Marie appeared in 'Milan' in 1999, but despite the fact that he had paid a lot of money to break the Foundation of the Italian club and failed. This season he started in his old team 'Atletico', and his game even managed to get the invitation to the national team of Spain. However, the financial opportunities they leave much to be desired - Jose Marie he was in the end not afford.'It was not a surprise for me," he says. "I knew I'd have to go back to Milan. This season has brought me many joys and sorrows. The main thing I often go out on the field, and if I had a choice, I would have returned to 'Atletico'.'.

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