The fiscal authorities claim that the Alenichev was sold for 7 million and require taxes

The fiscal authorities claim that the Alenichev was sold for 7 million and require taxesRussian football community was stunned by the message that is to be disbanded by July 1 of the Federal service of tax police (FTPS) opened a criminal case against the leadership of the Moscow "Spartak". According to "Izvestia", it is about the return from abroad of major currency funds and tax evasion from the transaction for the sale of Italian club as Roma's best player of Russia 1997 Dmitry Alenicheva. For the transition Alenicheva in 1998 "Roma" paid "Spartak" the $ 7 million that was deposited in accounts in Switzerland, but we were supposed to go to an authorized Russian Bank. Thus, Spartak have not paid into the budget of about $ 1.5 million in taxes. For these crimes the then leaders of "Spartacus", including former Russia coach Oleg Romantsev, may be on the dock.Russian football officials always strictly observed the mystery of the financial activities of the clubs. It is no secret that the majority of the cash flow goes past the prying eyes of the tax authorities, flowing from one pocket to another or uplywa to foreign accounts. The salaries of players and amount of transfers from one club to another remains a mystery. The louder roared the scandal involving accusations against the leadership of the Moscow "Spartak".It caused trouble for the transition Dmitry Alenicheva as Roma were involved in four people: the then President of the club Oleg Romantsev, Vice President Gregory Esaulenko, CEO Yuri Zavarzin and chief accountant Paul Panasenko. Now Romantsev to focus solely on coaching, Esaulenko gone from "Spartacus", and Zavarzin with Panasenko who work for the good of the Moscow "Dynamo".According to "Izvestia", about a month ago, first Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Yury Biryukov signed an order on institution of criminal proceedings against FC Spartak (Moscow) on the article 193 of the criminal code (failure to return from abroad of foreign currency assets") and article 199 ("evasion with organizations"). On both articles should be the responsibility of top leaders of the organization: President, CEO or other person representing the Executive power in the company. For committing these crimes provided for a punishment: up to three years in prison.Representatives of Spartak and Dynamo categorically deny guilt Oleg Romantsev and Yuri Zavarzina. The press attache of Spartak Alex Zinin said the "news" that "the club has not yet received official notice of initiation of legal proceedings, and no panic in the team no. And the current President of Spartak Andrew Chervichenko argues that Oleg Romantsev, although in 1998 the President of the club, not engaged in financial matters and transfer documents were not signed.- On any document... does not appear signed by the then Director General of "Spartacus". Yes it simply could not be, because Zavarzin at the time of sale Alenicheva in Italian "Roma" only came into this post - almost repeats the words of his colleagues-Spartak press service of the Dynamo.From the documents underlying the accusation of "Spartacus", it follows that $ 7 million (in two tranches 2 million and one three-millionth) of law-abiding Italians at the request of the Spartacist leadership listed in 1998 and 1999 than in Russia, and on account of the two Swiss banks. However, the receipt of these funds was not reflected in any accounting document FC "Spartak". It turned out that Dmitri Alenichev, now playing in Porto, was loaned to the Italians for a reason.Representatives of the Federal service of tax police say they are determined to bring the investigation to its logical conclusion and say good judicial perspectives. According to them, for a criminal case took five years because the investigation affected the interests of organizations in several European countries. on 1 July this year, the Federal service of tax police will be disbanded, and the case is likely to give all of the Investigative Committee at the interior Ministry.By the way, is still a lot of mysteries in the murder predecessor Yuri Zavarzina on a post of the General Director of "Spartacus" Larissa Nechaeva. In 1997 she was shot in its own garden. The result pointed out the possible perpetrators of the murder of two drug addicts, later found dead on the territory of the Chechen Republic. However, customers of crime have remained in the shadows.Case of missing 7 million is threatening to become a football event of the year in Russia. A week ago, Andrew Chervichenko talked about the "conspiracy" against "Spartak". Recall that Chervichenko accused of cheating the head of the Russian football Union - powerful Vyacheslav Koloskova. Then it seemed that the President "red and white" just upset assigned to the gates of his team's controversial penalty. Now his statement is seen in a different light.And. Bogomolov.

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