Press conference about the future torpedo-metallurg

Press conference about the future torpedo-metallurgThe heads of the football club "torpedo-metallurg" held a press conference at which he spoke about the future of the team. In the press center "Moscow news" was attended by General Manager of "top-Meta" Yuri Belous, a famous football player and coach Valentin Ivanov, who is in the club and the representative of the former owner - CEO ZIL Konstantin Laptev. The latter immediately announced that the company "Norilsk Nickel", became the owner of "torpedo", have settled all issues and now 100% of the shares of the club, owned by Norilsk Nickel. Immediately this was not done because the shares were divided. So first bought 55 %, and then brought a controlling stake to 100 %.In turn, Mr. Bilous said: "the Club is now owned by players, coaches and sports school. Voronin. In turn the plant through a nonprofit Foundation "torpedo" still belong to the stadium, facilities in Myachkovo and coach them. Shoustikov. For the rent of the stadium we pay 20 thousand dollars for the game and hope that the money will be spent on the improvement of the stadium. For all debts of the team we will pay and we are already doing this: 95 % of the debts repaid. Created and will play in the championship (UFC factory team "torpedo" and "torpedo - metallurg" will help her on the rights of cooperation". Mr. Bilous commented on the resignation of former head coach Vadim Nikonov: "He didn't use the chance to stay. But this chance was any, from the shoemaker to the coach. But Nikonov didn't want to stay. But that doesn't scare us, credibility Sergey Aleynikov. I recall that when the club CSKA new investors were ox headed by Yevgeny Giner, the army also lost four games in a row". Then word again took Mr. Laptev, who said that there is a project for the reconstruction of the stadium. Will be done the lighting on the second field, the third field will be open and heated field with artificial turf. In the distant future on a "torpedo" will rise hotel and fitness center. "But we'll do it slowly," says the CEO of ZIL. Elephant will eat the pieces".In turn, the veteran of the team Valentin Ivanov said that mistakes plant at the time did a lot. And when he sold the team to the "Luzhniki", and when not able to get it back. It seems that the factory did not want to share power. Now you can say "Norilsk Nickel" thank you for sparing the team."".

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