Presidents CSKA and Spartak about the upcoming Derby

Presidents CSKA and Spartak about the upcoming DerbyIn anticipation of a major Derby CSKA - Spartak magazine, "My football" asked the President of both clubs about prestoea game. What status you would be awarded the match CSKA ?Spartacus¦? Surpriseparty the usual calendar contest or game?Giner: Probably the usual calendar game - in the sense that the six points for a win in this match no ?Spartacus¦ or CSKA nobody will. At the same time, this is a Derby match of two Metropolitan teams. So very very normal it also will not name. The confrontation ?Spartacus¦ and CSKA ? it is very important.Chervichenko: the Game is definitely not ordinary. Let's take the fight, the more we're going anywhere - one point after two rounds. The main thing is that the field does not disappoint. And then we have after last year's match Spartak-CSKA on Thursday associated with football in the snow. Players are promised an additional bonus for a win?Giner: No. No victory in this match, no wins in other games award we have not provided. There are bonuses for the achievement of the targets set for the season.Chervichenko: Definitely. For our guys CSKA and so lovely stimulus, but additional incentives, it won't hurt.Question Giner: Impact on whether the game CSKA lack Gazzaev and many players due to national teams? 17 people after all, almost the whole team...If we make a good team, so we have the professional players, a long bench, and ?absences¦ he is not supposed to affect. On any match.Question Chervichenko: Impact on the game ?Spartacus¦ absence of eight players due to national teams?I don't think. This is normal and common practice. There were times when out ?Spartacus¦ and more people were away on international duty and nothing Championships won. I think the break will do us good ? there is a time to assess the first game, to eliminate errors. That sunk into the soul after the opening rounds of the championship?Giner: You know, nothing. Team just pulled into the season, someone loses points, someone takes. In the next round all may be the opposite. Chervichenko: our Luck at the point of attack. If he scored ?your¦ in the table today ?Spartacus¦ quite another would. And there would be all this talk about the crisis..

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