Others here have not scored-

Others here have not scored-Needless to say that the fights between the "Rotor" and "Spartacus" in Volgograd, was held under a heightened interest of viewers. Was no exception and report match, where the only grandstand was filled almost to capacity. This is despite the fact that both teams were in a precarious position, despite the fact that on the previous match, the entrance was free and although the match was broadcast on national TV... Come to see a football play "live" it has paid off. That happened on the field, was worth a look and not only the fans of the local team. Ambitious Spartak, as a result of his own colorless games found themselves on the margins of the standings, did not hide their desire to once again take points from Volgograd. But the desire is always not enough. In the first minutes of the meeting Muscovites, actively besiegers gate Rotor first quarter of an hour, nothing. Decent start, coupled with inconsistent and inaccurate, offensive actions led to the fact that in almost every offensive outburst guests lost the ball and unnecessarily wasting the moments generated by the approaches to the goal Pareiko. The starter, disciplined and unmistakably spent those minutes in the defense, repeatedly raided the penalty of "Spartacus". Zuev, which again gave the number one position in the absence of which has yet to recover from his injury Moroccan Bugs, had to work hard to keep his goal intact. The owners, supported by fans (as a result of numerous attempts, they still managed to run, though short, but full of "wave" in the stadium), gradually seized the initiative. Guests carefully to patronize the only striker in the Rotor, in two episodes just lost Misenum. First, they allowed him to freely use pass Aldonin abandoning the ranks of the guardians. At this point, hastily left their gates Zuev and almost paid for it. Mysin tried to LOB the ball over the goalkeeper, but the goalkeeper Muscovites were able to reach him with my fingertips. And then and almost scored himself Aldonin. His breakthrough on the left flank and a high cross into the penalty area over the fact that the ball went over the net and over the crossbar. The efforts of the Volgograd players were not in vain. At the end of the first half they managed to open an account. Esipov out of the side throws the ball into the penalty area, Kovtun fighting off his head away from the gate, and came running Trifonov from the penalty cannon shot from the left sends the ball into the far corner of the net. Five minutes later "Rotor" almost finished off the Spartacists. Once mounted to the filing of penalty execution Esipova again wrong output Zuev, and Alenikov under a burst sigh of disappointment tribune sends the ball into the crossbar. In the end half the opponents had a few interesting moments, but the score before the break and has not changed. Developments in the second half were about the same scenario as in the debut of the first. Initially even had the impression that the players Rotor simply perform the coach to stand on the defensive, and then use a counterattack. Only reason the game does not lined up. It's been fifteen minutes, twenty-five... and attack Spartak continued. Moreover, they would become more and more dangerous. Attempts Volgograd to hold the ball in midfield led to the fact that the opponent is either intercepted the ball, or used the error Midfielders in the programs. Anyway it was noticeable that the guests tried to put pressure on each area of the field and at the first opportunity out for a shock position their attackers. "Rotor", much to the disappointment of fans simply looked helpless. Attempts selflessly played Esipova, Aldonin and Skrylnikov to take over the game did not bring adequate success. Yes and superbly played Pareiko eventually had to capitulate. Carelessness defenders led to the fact that they are left unattended Pavlyuchenko and that, taking advantage of perfect Paz, Robert, managed not only to take the ball in front of the gate, but turned and send it into the net past the goalie. At the end of the meeting, the guests could be different and not once, but a confident goalkeeper Volgograd no longer allowed them to score. And though the captain Muscovites Titov complained that "the account is not on the game and that Spartacus could win this match", however frozen on the display unit in spite of evidence reflect the real condition of both one and the other team. The only thing that left a positive impression - cuts continued, now estimative, unbeaten. Entertaining, but after the match of the fourth round with torpedo-metallurg" (when the guests in the last seconds with a penalty equalized) gate protected by Pareiko for nearly 440 minutes remained inviolable. Moreover, during this period goals on the main stadium was scored exclusively students of Volgograd football. In addition to the players of the main Rotor managed to do only protector "Uralan" Denis Kolodin (known for his local "Olympia"), who deflected the ball into the goal for his team. And now "remembered" how it's done on the stadium's mother Pavlyuchenko. This field is only now for the Novel was a stranger. And his gesture, victoriously outstretched hand after scoring a goal against his former team, and met with local audiences whistling and indignation. Many times I was in Volgograd and know how here love football, what is the attitude to football. But today for the first time faced with the following: first, saw the devastation instead of the stadium, this is getting pathetic. And when you go out on the field and not have to play at a decent lawn and garden... in this case to talk about the good game very difficult. Therefore, the game technically was weak.

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