CSKA. Best attack

CSKA. Best attackThe army captain Sergei Semak has made a contribution to effective team performance: on account of forward 3 goals CSKA from nine in the championship - 2003.? CSKA scores a lot? Hmm - It's like saying, " mused Semak. ? Nine goals after three rounds the result, of course, good. But, on the other hand, we could have scored more. Sometimes we simply don't have enough stability. With Rotor at the level looked half, Spartak only the second 45-minute good looks-? What features does the army attack? Pressure, aggression, horse wrestling? All this, undoubtedly, is the place, but I wouldn't ascribe these qualities only attack CSKA. Team - one body and all its organs must work together. Assertive, aggressive - Only then you can say: this is the attacking team.? How about the view that the game CSKA ? it is the very essence of coach Gazzaev? Say, as a former striker it constantly pulls forward, even to the detriment of the defense.? About the damage - you should. And what about the coaching concept Valery Georgievich - each mentor has its own tactics and his vision of the game. Gazzaev watching football under a certain angle. In any case, such a commitment from us to CSKA did not require a teacher. All matches are held at the limit. I...? If CSKA most in the Premier League scoring, your closest rival and a direct competitor in the fight for first place Dynamo Moscow least missed-? And absolutely the case! We watched the team play Prokopenko with "torpedo-metallurg", and I can tell you, before us appeared the team, very skillfully applying to the protection of linear construction. Plus compared to last year, the defense of "Dynamo" has undergone significant personnel changes: players came tall, stately, position sense, functional well - such will have trouble!? In your opinion, spring fields promote or conversely prevent the attacking football?? If you point that "in the spring it is easier to destroy than to create", then let me not agree with you. First, the fields are the same for all. And secondly, even though our game with Spartak held on the lawn is not very high quality, but it turned out to be interesting and memorable. By the way, on the same field CSKA to play with Dynamo-Roman Vagin.

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