The Championship Of Russia. First division: tour overview

The Championship Of Russia. First division: tour overviewRevelation torabinejad ZELKYAVICHYUS, head coach of "Baltika":- Sympathy for us judges are not clearly. That certainly adds a touch of nervousness. Especially on the road. In Tomsk, we conceded a penalty and a free kick, here is again from the penalty spot.Vladimir PUZANOV, head coach of metallurg-Kuzbass":- 's Just lucky that today we do not miss.Sergey SAVCHENKO, chief coach of "Torch-Voronezh":- we are not the team that is always able to push the opponent's defense.Event turchanin offseason "Kuban" is becoming the only team in the division, had brought out with 6 points. After the victory over Terek in Lermontov team Vladimir Legoida wins a hard-fought win in Nalchik and leads the championship table. Also no point losses are "Crystal", "Khimki" and "SKA-Energiya".The defender of "Locomotive" Andrew Nedorezov debut as the head coach of the Chita team. Aides 42-year-old mentor is assigned to his former partner, the champion of the division in goals scored nail Galimov. The name debut at the helm brings Lokomotiv's first win of the season.In 11 matches of the second round scored 17 goals (average of 1.55 goals per game), 41 shown in yellow and 3 red cards, penalty prescribed 4 (sold 3). At the games attended, according to the minutes, 70 200 spectators (average - 6382).One of the main favorites of the tournament Sokol suffers first defeat. The offender Saratov team becomes "SKA-Energiya", flag starter home matches in Moscow.56-year-old boss "Gas-Gas" Vladimir Tuman comes on as a substitute in the 89th minute. This 65th game in the first division of the Izhevsk Matthews. On account Tumayev three goals."Metallurg become the first team in the division, won a major victory, and the striker of Lipetsk residents Alexander Petukhov makes the first hat-trick of championship and becomes the sole leader among the scorers.Midfielder "Neftekhimik" Sergei Lebedokov becomes the first player of the tournament who have not realized the penalty spot. His header is cleared. "Gas-Gas" Dmitry Ekimov. In just 21 games punched 7 penalty.Defender "Tom" Sergey Pavlakovic shown the red card already in the 8th minute of the match. This is still the fastest red card in the tournament.The second match, "Tom" again passes were sold out (15,000 spectators in the stadium with a capacity of 12 000). Only the first two matches in Tomsk was attended by 30,000 spectators. In Voronezh the first two games of the "Torch" was attended by 24,000 people.Dream team toradian Ska-Energiya, Lotz Ska-Energiya, Kiryukhin Ska-Energiya, Left Crystal, Rechtin Tom, Tetradze Anji, Shipilov Terek, Kobozev Gazovik-Gazprom, Makienko locomotive, cocks Metallurgist, Gerasimenko Kuban.Hero Tura-year-old striker of FC Metalurh Alexander Petukhov was the author of the first hat-trick of Championships, leading the list of bombardero roosters last year was the best sniper in the area of the "Center" of the second division, he scored against opponents 40 goals (32 - in the League and 8 in the Cup of Russia). Ex-player of Zenit St. Petersburg has become a real favorite of Lipetsk fans. A favorite so that when in the offseason, he spent two camps tried to return to his native "Zenit", the news from St. Petersburg Lipetsk watched as closely as the progress of the preparation of the "metallurg". And when it became clear that the males is not going anywhere, fans sighed with obvious relief.- If Lipetsk news about your return was joyful, we felt that you, yourself, when I realized that "Zenith" not yet?" Very worried. Of course, I wanted to play in his hometown and in the team. But then calmed down and tried to look at things philosophically. Once the coach gave the preference to others, so I either don't fit his concept, or not ready to play in the Premier League.- Will there be another attempt to return to Zenit?- Definitely. I belong to Zenit. It only remains for me to gain skills and get into the team. So, I will train even harder. There is no other way.- Were there other than "metallurg" versions of your employment?- There was also a suggestion from Dinamo SPb", but I decided to go back to metallurg. In Lipetsk I had quite a successful season of 2002, I are all familiar - the city, coaches and teammates. Why to change something? The more that "Dinamo SPb" and "metallurg" is played in the first division.- The difference between the first and second divisions have time to feel?- Of course. Different rate of movement and thinking, a different qualification rivals. The difference is quite noticeable.- However, it's only been two games, and you have already differ - hat-trick early in the season a rare phenomenon. So, roosters, and by the standards of the first division - Ivan scorer?- My three goals is a team effort. Every chance I only put a period after shiny gear my partners Kushnir, Ugarov and Akimova. I must admit, to score three goals in one match quite nicely, but I'd rather one or two of these goals were scored in the first round "Amkar. Pity we lost the team. Scoring chances were enough to score but failed.- Can make a prediction about the fate of "metallurg" this season?- We will fight for victory in every game, and then destiny will be gracious to us. The potential of the team.Igor ALTUKHOV.

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