Saturn snatched victory sverhmalie

Saturn snatched victory sverhmalieThe stadium "torpedo" Eduard Streltsov was Saturday place of pilgrimage for fans of the Ramensky "Saturn". Guest fans placed in the sector, where there is always usually located torpedolike support group. But the most surprising was the fact that the Ramensky fans are captivated and-the press box. Confusion with tickets already becoming a beach, in "torpedo-metallurg". However, few journalists "pleasant" surprise a couple of minutes before the final whistle. Probably due to the danger of a bloody conflict between the "wordsmiths" and "monsters" from the VIP lodges a "prudent" chief, it was decided to build a tight company of soldiers along the "dividing line" between these sectors. At first, the press could only enjoy football on the field half ramanan and broad Policeman similar to local "leader", and explained to everyone that this venture did not invent it. And as luck would have it, the first attack resulted in a goal in the invisible gate. Korytko was on the right flank, shot in the penalty area, "Saturn", ricochet and Monari calmly sent the ball into the goal Chizhov. Ramenchane began to center field and took the ball from the penalty torpedo - metallurg" where were entitled to a penalty. Bazaev struck in force, newly rebound and slow projectile went straight into the post. The very beginning played the match went alive. However, the pace of the game was average. Saturnus tried to combine on short and medium distances, to which the torpedo was responsible for successful destruction power. Surprisingly, the defense of "Saturn" was a rare sleeping. First, players defense of the Moscow club slept jerk to the torpedo on the left flank, and then lost burst into the penalty Leonov. As a result, Valery in the truest sense of the word struck Chizhov, from which the ball bounced into the net in an arc. 2:0. Until the end of the first half of the game at the toothless Saturn were only two unsuccessful penalty kick from close distance in the execution of Hidalgo and da Silva, as well as scathing shot from a distance, substitute Bystrova, which, incidentally, more or less organized game of the guests in the center of the field. The torpedo, in turn, had more real scoring chances. Karnaukhov hit with a penalty corner after the combination with Leonov and Katic, but Chizhov was in place. Then Korytko punched, that is, with a foul Small, but again the goalkeeper, and then Monari had put his head in the penalty area after the filing Kazakova. The second half began quietly - "torpedo-metallurg" settled in defence, and Saturn continued establishing matching of action and sought ways of breaking up the opposition defence. Soon, counter-hosts completed accurate cross from Korytko flank head Manurewa, but the defeat was not done. Meanwhile, a team of Vitaly Shevchenko was becoming more confident. And in the last fifteen minutes was affected by the higher class of ramandan. First rebezha drove the ball under the crossbar from outside the penalty area, then a few minutes later, Jović, playing the ball with Buzaevym on the right brow, gave the penalty of Muscovites, Rogachev tried to break through the self, round flew to Pavlovich who calmly equalized grassroots kick. The defense of "torpedo-metallurg" was discouraged and not only settled at the gate, and began to panic. This advantage Pavlovich and Medvedev. The Argentinian had quickly passed the ball in the penalty last and favorite southern part of the audience did the rest in the creation of the victory of "Saturn". Before the whistle was a couple of minutes left and one more was not needed and the other is not. Anatoly Samokhvalov.

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