Labor day, or a gift to the 300 anniversary

Labor day, or a gift to the 300 anniversaryThe background match "Zenit" and "torpedo" that took place at Petrovsky stadium on may 17, was clear even to a child. Zenit had to redeem for a record defeat against Dinamo in the last round. Otherwise, it is unknown as would have taken protracted unfortunate series in St. Petersburg. It is understood and the former, at least, appearing on television the day after the defeat, he clearly gave to understand that the match must be won. So nobody was surprised by the mood of the match Zenit - the team struggled and wanted to go to the rival's goal. Players, rather, worked and worked, than played. And the audience forgave them all. Although support team exceeded all expectations even before the match, if not a number (for cold weather and police "rehearsal" of the tercentenary deterred many), then intensity. On different sectors of the stadium, there were banners "Believe in "Zenit", and when you see the teams on the field the fan sector lit about 50 flares. With Central sectors per track flew scraps of paper - is said to be the television commentators, the feast of football. But the team turned this holiday into a day of football labour. "Torpedo", gaining advantage in the Central zone (Petrenko has released three Central Midfielders), tried to pass the center and at the expense of smashing attacks rushing to punish people. And "Zenit", leaving in stock "techies" Radimov and Arshavin, tried to "push" your opponent. Already in the fourth minute of "Zenit" have the right to penalty, but after hitting Shirla the ball got stuck in the wall. "Torpedo" replied dangerous free - to no avail. And in the ninth minute against visitors flew the first goal but it was disallowed after discounts from the center Kerzhakov has brought the ball into the goal with Borodin. Zenit tried to attack and due to the shots - beat Kyritz and Osipov, but or in the place was Borodin, or attacks were inaccurate. And on the seventeenth minute Zenit managed a good fast attack. Workaholic gartig, selling protection "torpedo" on the right and dangerous filed. Kerzhakov was not able to get to the gate, although gets his head out of the square of the goalie. The answer was dangerous breakthrough hero of last year's match Lebedenko, but the protection of Zenit eliminated the threat. A minute later on a goal Malafeev beat Shirko, but not dangerous. On 23 minutes, a prolonged attack Zenit started Osipov and Kerzhakov, but this latest attack and ruined. In the 25th minute, the next a dangerous free kick at the gate, "torpedo" caused panic in the ranks of protection, but that goal did not take place - Kerzhakov again he hesitated with the ball. In the 27th minute Lebedenko but his header over the crossbar, and in five minutes he could not handle the ball in a dangerous counterattack. In the next attack guests for Zenit played the cross gate - beat Bugnon. But the ending of the first half left for Zenit - dangerous blow Garriga beautifully parried Borodin. The second half began attacks "Zenit". But in one of the retaliatory attacks "torpedo" was entitled to a dangerous free kick but Muhvic after drawing unsuccessfully ordered the ball. Zenit continued to squander chances, especially differed with Kerzhakov and Osipov, and "torpedo" caught my chances on the counterattack. In the 60th minute Semshov forgiven "Zenit", hitting the woodwork from close distance. And yet, his goal Zenit earned. It is symbolic that the employment goal in the 62nd scored just hunky gartig. Usual RAID Hovsepyan blow over the goalkeeper but, Borodin, embossing, fell into a cluster of players in the penalty area, Hartig not to hit, but rather kovyrnul the ball and he slowly crossed the goal line. Gartig continued to work miracles, running for the most hopeless balls, but the result is failed. In an effort to recoup, Petrenko replaced semshova on a third striker, the teams continued to exchange shots. There were dangerous free kicks and counter the "torpedo", but the match ended with 1:0. Joyful Zenit showed fans a mini-play. Players, Skopje in midfield, was wrung collectively, apparently, thus showing the audience that is ready to work on. C. Petrenko, "torpedo": In principle, an equal match, and the goal is just the misfortune of some sort. We'll consider it a gift to the tercentenary. We should have won. The match was a difficult opponent played very well, but the boys did well. Ran and fought. Goal: Hartig, 62 Kerzhakov, 10, Igonin, 13, Osipov, 35,Hovsepyan, 43, Shirl, 90 - Makhmutov, 38 Luhvich, 44, Shirko, 45, Jolowicz, 78. St. Petersburg, Petrovsky stadium, 16 000 spectators Zenit: Malafeev, Hovsepyan, Kyritz, mareЕЎ, Vjestica, Igonin, Katulsky (Radimov, 75), Osipov, Shirl (Arshavin, 90), Kerzhakov, Hartig (Randjelovic, 79) Borodin, Jolowicz, Breadwinners (Aginal, 83), Muhvic, Shirko, Lebedenko, Semshov (Aristarkhov, 79), Makhmutov, Bugaev, Bugnon, Zyryanov Egorov (Nizhny Novgorod) Photos from the official website of "Zenit"".

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