Mark Juliano: Not the time to reduce speed

Mark Juliano: Not the time to reduce speedTorino in Serie a and Barcelona in the Champions League is very important matches for us. This year we are very good. We can't afford to reduce the momentum and we will definitely succeed."""Derby is not the same game as everyone else. I am sure that Torino will bring us a lot of problems. In the final position in the standings loses all meaning and we have to go all out to get three points."The last match in Serie a for Juventus ended in defeat. It was at the San Siro against Milan. However, Juliano appreciates the game on its own: "the match showed that we are a great team, even despite the defeat. Don't forget about the fantastic game that showed Dida in the second half."At the end of the press conference, Juliano said a few words about his career in See: "Every year I read in the Newspapers that a lot of teams interested in me, it's nice. But I've been here for seven seasons and I am sure that this is the best choice for me. Remember Ciro Ferrara. I think he's the best example for us всех"

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