Andriy Shevchenko: I don't like talking behind my back

Andriy Shevchenko: I don't like talking behind my backFor Ukrainian striker Milan held on Saturday game of the national team was an accurate reflection of the entire last season. Competitive value of the result of the match with Spain for the Ukrainians was very great. And presence on the field Shevchenko was necessary to his team. What came out actually: 1) he complains of back pain; 2) Buryak it changes in the middle of the second half; 3) after replacing it immediately goes to the locker room with his head down, very upset; 4) his team without its most talented footballer particularly any dividends. Sports career taught Andrew to always be irreplaceable. And in his Dynamo Kyiv Shevchenko was the football player, around which were built the team. Going to Milan for the first three seasons, he scored in the Italian championship 62 (!) goals. And then comes the crisis: trauma, permanent place among spare, replacement. Melancholy and resigned submission to their fate Shine through in every word of Andriy Shevchenko. His mood changed even the goal he scored against Juve, thereby leaving Milan though full of hope for the scudetto.- This goal can save the season for you?- No, but maybe will deploy a team in the right direction, Milan once again began to claim the title. In past years I played in every game and scoring a lot of goals. This season started for me with a knee injury. I got the full program, but now I really want to help the team. Really want to play, not to leave the field and maybe even this year, to win something.- After all your health problems you don't feel the player, changing Inzaghi, a kind of backup?- No, in any case.- In one of his interviews, after the victory over Juventus, you said, "idle time I went even benefit, but I still need a lot of work to catch up with her teammates in functional terms. In some matches I felt almost 100% done.- Yes, it is true, and the truth is that I never felt understudy anyone.- How is your relationship with Ancelotti?- Very good. The same applies to those times when around our relations were all sorts of negative talk in the media. However, everyone knows that I am honest person and don't like talking behind someone's back. I always aspired to be clear, always ask what and from others.- And from Ancelotti you get it?- Of course. I always know exactly what he wants from me and how he appreciates me.- You can safely be considered one of the best center forward of modernity. Real Madrid comes down you crazy. Do you think that Milan in last months you started to court, trying to please?- Yes, especially the leadership of the club. But in the end it's life, and everyone needs to adapt to it. In Milan I have already lived a fantastic life, then came health problems and the like. In difficult situations each and reveals its true character. And I, including, trying not to break down and be yourself.- Son modi recently said that the next event on the transfer market will be your departure from Milan.- It seems to me, is much more important than what we say on this occasion we Galliani. I even don't know where that rumor.- As far as reducing the value of the players in Serie a: would you go voluntarily reduced his salary?- This can be discussed only at the end of the season, it makes no sense to talk about a contract extension now. At the moment you can already start, of course, the negotiations, but again, not time yet to take concrete decisions.- After constant presence among spare in Milan, how did you react to your change in the match of the national team?- Not very good. During the break I went to the Beet and warned that feel back pain. She started to disturb me at the match with Juventus. I told our coach that I can continue the game. The pain is not very strong. When the teams returned to the field, I continued to play. 22 minutes I sat on the bench. I could continue to play, even if you do not feel is in order. After Buryak explained to me that removed me from the field because he noticed that I was worse move.- And why didn't you stay in the national team, which was to play a friendly match against Lithuania?- I asked the President of our football Federation to let me go and allow others to play. Moreover, AC Milan will play an important game with Parma, which I have not been able to score a goal.- What are the prospects for Milan this season?- In the Champions League we maintain a special feeling: with Ajax are expected to be two great games. And in the Italian League, we realize that if we want to continue fighting for the scudetto, we cannot afford to lose any points. In the next two months we will have to decide the fate of the entire season.- You need to this season has not been quite spoiled?- Victory in the League or in the Champions League, it doesn't matter.- But if we return to the theme of the duet Inzaghi and Shevchenko?- Ask better Ancelotti. He knows what is for our Duo, and it already showed in the game against Juve. And the rest is chatter..

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