Valery Karpin: Departure Barca out of the Champions League we were not on hand

Valery Karpin: Departure Barca out of the Champions League we were not on handThe Central match of the round of the championship of Spain in the first division, of course, is meeting at camp Nou between local Barcelona and the main European sensation of the season, real Sociedad. One of the leaders of the Basque team Valery Karpin said that his club can beat the Catalans, in fact, struggling for survival in the high places of the Iberian football, reports Marca. Russian midfielder expressed his opinion about the failures Barca, noting that too many forces gave the Catalans the Champions League. In addition, the Karpin does not understand the basis for criticism of the striker blue garnet Patrick Kluivert, who, according to Valery, is one of the best strikers in the world. About the team's chances of winning the Karpin said: "judging from the statistics, the "Leopard" is the favorite, but statistics never be trusted, because at the moment we are in better shape. And if we also qualitatively carry out his work in the last two rounds, we can gain a very important three points." At the same time, "they will want to cling to the right to play in the UEFA, and for them the game will be extremely important," said the Russian, adding that "thus, the departure Barca out of the Champions League objectively not good for the "real Sociedad". About the morale of the team's players Radomir Antic Valery Karpin said that "professionals players like Barca defeats worry, like that from Juventus in the quarter-finals of the most prestigious European football tournament, just a couple of days, but then all they know full well that we have to live with other problems". "It's time for me to switch and not to take destruction," said the former player of team Russia. Regarding another of today's match, in which Sevilla takes the main competitor of insubstance real Madrid, Karpin said that "Royal club" will not be easy, as the locals "play very well, especially in his field"..

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