Bayern and KirchMedia paid for votes federations

Bayern and KirchMedia paid for votes federationsThe Munich "Bavaria" and the company, owned by media magnate Leo Church, has offered to provide funding to four football federations in return for a voice in choosing the venue of the world Cup 2006 As reported by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Bayern agreed to play friendly matches in Malta, Thailand, Tunisia and Trinidad and Tobago, and the company Leo Lutheran Church gave the rights to broadcast these matches local federations in exchange for their votes.According to the organizers of the world championship, it is "common practice" for Bayern, it has the right to participate in such games, and to vote no effect.Press-Secretary of the organizing Committee of the world championship Gerd Kraus added that he did not see any violations that the company owned by Leo Church, openly dealt to convince some federations to vote for Germany.In the struggle for the right to host the FIFA world Cup 2006 Germany in July 2000, just one voice (12:11) ahead of South Africa, which was considered the favorite in this contest.Sueddeutsche Zeitung, citing sources in subsidiaries KirchMedia, in particular, in the Swiss marketing Agency CWL, Federation of Malta, Thailand, Tunisia and Trinidad and Tobereplaced from $250 to $300 thousand for television broadcasting rights for the matches of Bayern Munich, which took place in these countries.All these accusations denies Franz Beckenbauer: "Whoever said that with the help of friendly matches to get the right to host the world Cup, doesn't know what he's talking about," said Beckenbauer, President of the organizing Committee of the championship, in an interview with the newspaper Bild am Sonntag on Saturday..

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