In anticipation of Renaissance thought

In anticipation of Renaissance thoughtUpcoming Sunday confrontation between historically neprimirimy rivals CSKA Moscow and Spartak, promises to answer rhetorical until now, the question: can two leading local team to demonstrate European thought in the Russian context.Once the great commander Frederick the Great said, "When the soldier begins to think, he ceases to be a soldier." It is unlikely that in those days the illustrious monarch had some idea about the game, which in a few centuries will be the same war, only the rules. And the attributes in this war will be exactly the same as at present. And it will go all year round, in different countries, and take him most of the population of the planet.The only thing, perhaps, a little mistake Prussian king, is the fact that the soldier is not entitled to a flight of fancy. If the player does not think on the field, great heights in the game, he probably will not reach, even in the absence of errors and the detailed implementation of tactical plans of the commander. Why? And because football is a living organism, an idea which is the main priority. Football will kill without thought the principle of the game, not to mention the fact that look at is the misery will be only its main actors: the viewer is frankly disgusting to watch a puppet exercise 22 figures, strictly following the pre-designed rules.That's why at the beginning of the construction of domestic democracy football was temporarily on the margins of the social reality.Empty grandstands to the illustrated people's attitudes to multi-level transformations, one of the victims was the most popular sport around the world. Pathological absence of thought, on which we continue to suffer to this day, threw on our football many years ago, and only now are we beginning to understand how giant looks backlog Russian varieties of football from its European model.Upcoming match at Petrovsky Park is destined to become yet another stage on the road to recovery thoughts in the national football fields. And it's not even that the upcoming match will be a fight between two completely different fighting styles: power and speed on the one hand, and technology and improvisation on the other. The main feature of the upcoming Moscow Derby is in the genuine interest of the inhabitant, who in recent years have increasingly prefers dirty seat purged from all sides of the rostrum soft and comfortable chair in a warm and comfortable home.Fan interest is a kind of barometer of those matches, the boiling point of the passions which is close to prohibitive. It is hardly too deeply immersed in the annals of history to convey excitement, which probably will be every person that decides to honor his attention, without any doubt, the main football action incoming to its rights of spring.More intrigue gourmet feast and will serve as dry statistics, ratings tell us the facts that a few years ago could seem fantastic.Tell me, who would have thought, say, in ' 93 or 95, the year that in the new Millennium "Spartak", for which the army club was one of the most comfortable rivals, will suffer the most humiliating defeat in Russian history, causing the target goal in one little bit dangerous kick. What murderous sneer Gazzaev said the phrase: "it is a Pity that allowed them several times to approach our goal".But let bygones:a New series of disturbing the mind of every normal fan of the red-blue and red-and-white, just since the beginning of the season Thriller is likely to be marked by the abundance of tough uncompromising struggle, which would cause not so much fighting mood opponents, how tough lawn suffering coming spring stadium "Dynamo". However, it was probably for the best. What could be more fascinating than real men battle, the winner of which will be able with confidence to call myself a top contender on the 12th gold Russian football championship..

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