Portuguese football on the verge of collapse

Portuguese football on the verge of collapsePortuguese football may face the danger of collapse, if in the near future will not be reformed. This became known from the statement of the President of the Union of football players of Portugal Antonio Carraca made them on Monday."If we do not carry out these reforms, the crisis could not be avoided. Otherwise professional football in Portugal could disappear altogether - in this we have not the slightest doubt," said Caraka in an interview with Reuters.Carraca noted that a similar problem was faced by many European countries. According to him, one or two Portuguese clubs are sufficiently stable financially and can afford to join the international League of major European clubs, which can become a kind of alternative to national Championships. However, other clubs in this case will face the threat of being closed down."For the other clubs will almost no chance to survive," said Caraka.A recent example of what may face professional football Portugal, was recorded on Saturday. The President of the club of the second division "Farense" resigned, leaving the club in the deepest financial crisis. This club, according to news Agency Luza, has debt totaling two and a half million euros in taxes and salaries to players.Also worth noting in this connection that by the end of last year, the spending of clubs increased by 42 percent over the last 3 years, however, as income grew by only 3 percent..

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