Carlo Ancelotti: This is a very exciting game

Carlo Ancelotti: This is a very exciting gameAhead of the match against inter coach Milan Carlo Ancelotti met with reporters. At the press conference was also attended by the team captain Paolo Maldini. First of all, the coach said: "we have Definitely come a long way. The semi-finals of the Champions League gives us a huge sense of self-satisfaction. All this brings us tranquility and motivation. We hope to reach the final. We have two perfectly balanced match. Will be the one who will leave a clean sheet at home". Paolo Maldini remembered the last couple of seasons in Milan and the semi-finals, in which he took part in his career: "in Recent years was for us very well in European competitions, I hope, with this team we have a little more chance to Shine not only in Italy but also in Europe. We managed to reach the semifinals of the Champions League, but I'm still not entirely satisfied. In contrast to the semi-finals, in which I took part in your career? The sensations are similar, but the fact that we have a Derby, gives an extra incentive. This is a very exciting game, it is impossible to deny". One of the topics of conversation was the criticism of Italian football, especially on the part of the Spaniards. Opinion Carlo Ancelotti: "Italian football has always stood out because of its propensity for defensive action. It should be blamed, in football there and attack, and defense. The fact that one of the sides of the game dominates - does not carry negative connotation. Protection is as important as attack. Much of the criticism comes from Spain because of their aesthetic tastes". Paolo Maldini agree with his mentor: "I share the view Ancelotti. Love to defense - advantage. Foreign teams must learn a lot from the team of Italy." "Cooper never lost both matches in the Champions League? The past is irrelevant, because it's the semi-finals. The past will not affect the course of the match" is the answer to Carlo Ancelotti to the question, not worried whether it is about the statistics rival coach. "Derby is an important game for the city, but not just to talk on such topics when it is also the most important match in his career. We are close to reaching the final of the League, this is the main value of the match". Paolo Maldini spoke about his emotions before semi-final: "it's important to meet this match in a relaxed mood. This will help to reduce stress and to play a more restrained. The atmosphere in these matches is a particular threat, but calm, on the contrary, it will help. We recognize the value of the game, you just need to spend a few days in Milan, in order to understand how this long-awaited match. With regard to foreign referee, we don't care"..

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