The Locomotive Torpedo. The analysis of the match

The Locomotive Torpedo. The analysis of the matchAt their stadium in Cherkizovo the railroad lost to the players, "torpedo", which won its first victory in the current Premier League campaign.Ahead of the match in the troubled field of the stadium "locomotive", last February the test of Champions League, they appeared bright green grass. And although the administration of the club from its decision to replace the lawn is not refused, the first sprouts of spring certainly inspired yesterday both teams, at the start of the season is clearly not dobrovie points.And the railroad, and were quickly settled on the field and almost did not detain the ball in the middle. Rivals reasonably judged that the April lawn will be the most effective long passes on horseback. In this game in the first half sharpness largely managed to create the torpedo. Forwards-Legionnaires "Locomotive" parks and Cesar all could not catch the ball. But the black-and-white repeatedly threatened Zakharchuk. Most often terminate their attacks were taken young Lebedenko, but in one episode he failed to beat the goalkeeper of "Locomotive" and in another witty after discounts semshova he lacked accuracy.The railroad, however, before the break we also had the chance to open an account, however, when parks in the centre of the box framed leg after a long-range shot by Lekgetho, alert was goalie torpedo Borodin.The second half began with the attacks of railwaymen. Their pressure on their opponents intensified with each passing minute. And in the end the red-green opened the scoring. Costa Rican parks famously pushed Tocadisco defense in the centre penalty area and with a roundhouse kick sent the ball into the net ? 1:0.After conceding a goal Serhiy Petrenko have intensified. But dangerous moments at the gate "Loco" torpedo initially create almost failed. At some point the railroad seems to have lost vigilance ? he paid. Black and white in the end pulled out a hard-fought win. First distinguished Breadwinners ? after his shot, the ball hit a defender and flew through the convoluted path into the net behind the Zakharchuk. And the winning goal two minutes later scored a hit bottom Lebedenko.Lokomotiv (Moscow) - Torpedo (Moscow) - 1:2 (0:0).Goals: Parkes, 68 - 1:0, Caregivers, 82 - 1:1, Lebedenko (Semshov), 84 - 1:2.Locomotive: Zakharchuk - 5,0, Nizhegorodov - 5,0, Lekgetho - 5,5, Ignashevich - 5,0, Izmailov - 6,0, Maminov - 5,0, Loskov (K) - 5,5, Cesar - 4,5 (Sirhaev, 46 - 5,0), Sennikov - 5,5, Mnguni - 5,5, Parkes is 6.0.Torpedo: Borodin - 6,0, Jolovich - 5,5, Breadwinners - 6.0, Muhvic (K) - 5,5, Adzhindzhal - 5,0 (Bolechow, 67 - 5,5), Shirko - 5,0, Semshov - 6,5, Lebedenko - 6,0, Bugaev - 5,5, Makhmutov - 5,5 (Samuseva, 68 - b/o), Zyryanov - 5,0 (Kuzmichev, 77 - b/o). Player of the match: Igor Semshov (torpedo).Punishment: Breadwinners, 72 - simulation - booked.Judge: Yuri Baskakov, A. Lukashin, A. Tsvetov (all Moscow).Inspector K. Doronin (Moscow).11 April. Moscow. The Stadium "Locomotive". 10 000 spectators. Wet snow. 0 degrees. Play time: 91.48 (1st half: 45.00, 2nd half: 46.48).Shots on goal: 11-10, of them on target: 6-5, free from: 7-6, from outside the box: 4-4, rod: 0-0, beam: 0-0, corner: 5-6, offsides: 3-4, fouls: 26-14.Match doubles: 0:1 (Aristarkhov).Direct recury SEMIN, head coach of Lokomotiv:? The game of "Locomotive" was ragged. We had the advantage, scored a goal. Then came a strange complacency. Disgusting played defensively or Two mistakes decided the outcome of this meeting. Say, scoring in the first episode, when Breadwinners shot from outside the penalty area, it was more likely to run out of our players.? Blame Zakharchuk in missed goals?? Goalkeeper shares the blame for the defeat together with the team. In the last 13 minutes played badly.? In the second half Izmailov brought down in the penalty area?? It's hard for me to judge. He was shot down in dangerous proximity to the gate. And we could implement the penalty.? How do you assess the actions of the parks?? He looked and actively put pressure on the opposition defence.? The outcome of this match fair?? We think that we played better most of the time. Unfortunately we paid the price for lack of concentration. Scoring a goal, we needed to calm the game to bring down the rate.Sergey PETRENKO, head coach of "torpedo":? Equal combat game. The victory we needed more. Grateful not only his players, but they also had, as on this field to demonstrate constructive football difficult. By the way, abuse the "Luzhniki", but this "clearing" no good at all.? You won today, why so sad?? On the fun doesn't have the strength left. Hey, you hear the very voice broke. Yes and enjoy-then nothing, because the game was not, and no.? Please comment on the episode from the first half, when in the penalty Lokomotiv fell Semshov.? Let it evaluates the judge. Expert referees Committee. The protest is not going to file, still nothing will.? At some point the game thread were Lokomotiv-? Was a disastrous period in this match. In our field it is possible to build, but here is just to pass it forward. As soon as we tried to establish fluid football, lost the ball on a flat place..

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