Team Russia: nothing was lost...

Team Russia: nothing was lost...The loss of the Russian team in Tbilisi was too strong, and I must admit, unexpected blow to the ambitions of wards Valery Gazzaev and their fans.The defeat, which at this stage was not expected, and is not believed.It should be noted that the Russian team lost the case. Poorly played defense, which failed almost throughout the game, lacked coherence of the middle line, not very targeted attack. The Georgians also not shining, they limped taking chances, but, nevertheless, they were put together and were deserved winners. However, this defeat is not an excuse for hasty conclusions and unreasonable charges, which are capable of many representatives of the Russian press. What a rant, when at the moment, absolutely nothing is lost and you can still turn in the best for the team. It is possible to talk about errors that occurred yesterday on the green lawn of the stadium "locomotive", it can be noted flaws and oversights, but this will not help. If anyone thinks the coaches of the national team of Russia do not understand all this, then that person is mistaken. Sure, a match that revealed many of the Russian national team, will be carefully analyzed, and will be made appropriate findings. "Catastrophe", "shame", "nightmare" - all these words do not apply to serious analysis, and should be eliminated from the press a detailed analysis of the game and universal unity. Because it is now loud statements and thoughtless words can cause irreparable damage to the team that, to be honest, only just gaining momentum. The damage, in psychological terms, since it is known that many of the matches win it is due to the stronger of psychology. After such statements, the feeling that you have no margin for error, is amplified, and this factor only binds the players. All you need is a cool head and the belief that the Russian team in the remaining matches of the qualifying round will play at the limit of their capabilities. Under this condition, it seems that our team will not be any serious problems..

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