Kerzhakov always respects others ' keepers

Kerzhakov always respects others ' keepersAlexander Kerzhakov was first invited to national team Oleg Romancemy. But when Valery Gazzaev St. Petersburg striker became one of the main symbols of the updated national team in its structure in the last year he scored in every match.? Alexander, last fall the team primarily distinguished enormous emotional. After the defeat in Albania you have not got the feeling that it started to dry out?? Personally, I don't think so. To lose, of course, extremely frustrating, but in football anything can happen. However, in my opinion, our team prepared for the match against Albanians properly.? Then what is the reason of defeat?? Until I can articulate. Incidentally, we match the details have not yet been analyzed. His detailed analysis will be conducted before flying to Tbilisi.? With the advent of "Zenit" Vlastimil Petrzela requirements for your game at the club has changed. It does not create difficulties for you in preparation for the matches?? Whit. The game at the club and in the national team is because in any case different things. And I, as a player must be flexible depending on the coaching requirements.? You essential a part of the front line team, when you go out on the field?? Can't say that I don't care with whom to interact during the match. However, to find the optimal combination of forwards to meeting specific - task trainers. And if the team achieves a positive result, then I don't care how many forwards out on the field and who is entrusted to a place in the squad. Even if I myself never had the chance to play.? Georgian team usually focuses on the attack, though not among the leaders of European football. Can we say that in open Russian football team will always be able to score more than Transcaucasian players?? I don't think. In Tbilisi the match in the stands that support the owners, the importance of the struggle for the initiative. If our opponents, playing attacking football, catch the spirit, it is possible to cope with them will be very difficult.? One of the Georgian national team goalkeepers David Gvaramadze once said in our interview that his country's goalie schools did not exist as such. I agree that the post В¦1 - vulnerable position in the structure nearest rival Russian team?? I don't think. I to the Georgian goalkeepers feel about the same as any other - with respect. Still, if people are getting into the national team, in any case, they are sufficiently trained professionals.? What is the main impression left from the October trip to Georgia?? Then I formed the opinion that the residents of Tbilisi - very friendly, welcoming people. Unfortunately, those who came to the stadium, turned out to be configured differently because of provocative articles in the Georgian press. Hopefully now there will be no problem.Michael Shpenkov.

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