Chervichenko: 'll Get Romantsev lawyer

Chervichenko: 'll Get Romantsev lawyerToday in the "News-Sport", which will air at 23.30 Moscow time President of Spartak Andrew Chervichenko comment on the criminal case against members of the football club "Spartak" under two articles of the criminal code of the Russian criminal code. We will focus on the transfer of Dmitri Alenicheva from "Spartacus" in Italian is "Roma", which occurred in 1998. Then the Russian player was the proceeds of $ 7 million, translated into foreign accounts "red and white, in Russia this money has not been received. This fact became the basis for the criminal case on two articles - "the return from abroad of foreign currency assets" and "tax evasion"."You might be surprised, but at the club any papers on the criminal case initiated against "Spartak" no, "said Andrew Chervichenko in an interview with the Vesti-Sport". - However, this is a matter of vanity has long been. Who helped to be the case now? I have my own thoughts on the matter. Who is smart, he'll know. Club no contract of sale Alenicheva no. "Spartak" in recent years, has repeatedly changed the legal form. In other words the current Spartak relationship of those events have no".As Chervichenko stressed that if the object of the investigation will be Oleg Romantsev, the club will hire him a lawyer. "Oleg Ivanovich still knows nothing about the incident, he was a private man. The link goes very rare. At the time, he also coached the team and served as President of Spartak, but especially in the case did not penetrate. To sign the documents necessary to understand them thoroughly..

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