Del Boschi said he could leave real Madrid

Del Boschi said he could leave real MadridThe coach of real Madrid's Vicente del Bosque in an interview with a Spanish television channels said that the fact that he still has not signed a new contract, means only one thing - this season will be his last as a mentor."We all have a gut, and my gut tells me that I will not continue to coach the club, I would be hard to keep doing it." Del Bosque described the time he spent at the club as "35 wonderful years" and stated that his departure will not be sad.In addition, he resisted all those journalists who claimed that he was making a tactical error. "I never left in the UEFA Champions League final, David Beckham on the bench (here Del Bosque made a reservation - this fact took place during the second leg of the 1/4 finals of the Champions League 2002-03), as Alex Ferguson". He also recalled that journalists are constantly rebuke mentor other capital club - Atletico - because he too often shuffles composition, while Del Bosque himself has been criticized for failing to make drastic changes in the ranks of his team, according to Marca..

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