Wenger: seaman will remain at Highbury

Wenger: seaman will remain at HighburyThe head coach of Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger praised above all praise the game team goalkeeper David Seaman after a Cup match against Sheffield United". The seaman held its thousandth of a professional meeting and after the first four weeks of inactivity due to a knee injury. After the match, Wenger said that the 39-year-old, and conclude if his football career, he will be guaranteed a place in the coaching staff."I'm not thinking about next season, but David just stay with us, and after a career, of course as a coach, working with goalkeepers. I'm glad he was able to create such saves the day when he spent his thousandth match. Sure it's a reward for its performance, both in training and on the field. It should serve as an example of professionalism for beginners and young goalkeepers," said Arsene Wenger.French specialist also noted that the current sports form the guard gate "gunners" much better than when he first took the reins of the London club in 1996, the year: "Indeed he is now in better shape than it was then. In training, working up a sweat, making even dropped unnecessary pounds."".

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