Da Silva: do you regret that you chose Lisbon suburbs

Da Silva: do you regret that you chose Lisbon suburbsThe first Russian goals the Brazilian da Silva would be the taste of even the most demanding football gourmets. Naturally, after the final whistle striker, played for "Portales", "Curitiba", "goiГЎs", "Cruzeiro" and the Swiss "Lugano", was satisfied.- Saturn sets high goals and is bound to win at home constantly, " says striker. I'm glad today was able to continue the winning streak and give a feast to the fans.- You had a personal holiday - 27th birthday.- Naturally, it became more stimulating. I hope this one is only the beginning and after the first business goals will emerge all the better. Already managed to adapt in a new country?- Initially, of course, was experiencing some discomfort. In Brazil still hot, and here, on the contrary, it is cold. But now the weather is not a concern, so you can safely focus on the football.- And yet in the opening rounds of the game you have not always been successful - not what other new recruits. I agree. Still, the Russian football is very different from what I play at home. Here it is tougher.- But the defenders of FC Shinnik not hurt you to make a double. And could a hat-trick to draw.- A little upset that it did not. When he tried to LOB the Keeper a chance was beautiful.- In their previous teams you a lot of scoring?- The best result in the Brazilian championship - 12 goals in 97th year. In the last championship scored eight times.- Signs over his career, managed to acquire?- On the field, always take the right leg, pray before each game and never play without a bracelet that is engraved with the name of the wife of Cais.- She is following the example of the wives of Hidalgo and Gedera in Russia will come?" Yes. Waiting a week and a half.- So be with anyone except Gedera to speak Portuguese.- One Gedera spending most of my time is not limited. Although, of course, the language barrier creates problems. Therefore, communicating mostly with Legionnaires - Martin, Nico Prins (Hidalgo, Pavlovich, Prince Y. Amoako. - Approx. A. K.).- In your free time what do you do?- Mostly shopping and trips to Moscow. However, in your capital city managed to see not a lot. First of all - Red square and the GUM (laughs).- You could be in Russia, and Portugal, which for many Brazilians as a second home?- When I received the invitation from Benfica, negotiations with the "Saturn" were in full swing. Decided not to change anything - and absolutely no regrets. You have a good football and there are opportunities for progress.- But it is a field in Portugal definitely a different quality. Russian lawns haven't shocked you?- (Smiles.) After dry Brazilian sodden Russian cause problems. Constantly slipping. But one day the fields will dry up?! Looking forward to summer. Then I and Saturn make it much stronger.Andrey KUZICHEV.

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