Gary Neville: England will not make the same mistakes that Turkey

Gary Neville: England will not make the same mistakes that TurkeyThe England defender Gary Neville has said that England will not make the same mistake, and Turkey. We are talking about the statements of the Turkish national team players that they will be able to beat England in Newcastle. Neville thinks that the opinion of the Turks was supported unimpressive victory for England in Liechtenstein (2-0)."I think the Turks made a mistake, ascertaining that can beat us, and most importantly, has publicly stated this. You can sometimes look like a fool to say such a thing. Probably such sentiments arose after our match against Liechtenstein, and they thought that he would come and beat us. It was weird, because the Turks did not score any goals in England, and this time they did not work," said Neville."We achieved a positive result in severe circumstances. Wasn't a great game or result, but we have got what they wanted. Now everyone will say that Wednesday was a great game, but we only upheld their reputation. There is still a long struggle in the group, and we're not going to argue that it will become the winners," Neville continued.The defender of "Manchester United" is also not paid attention to the England goalkeeper David James: "Maybe he has not shown the best games, but when throughout the match goalkeeper nothing to do and at one point he brilliantly saved his team, it speaks of his high skill", said Neville..

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