All home League matches Spartak will hold in Tarasovka

All home League matches Spartak will hold in TarasovkaAccording to the Albanian electronic publications Sporti Shqiptar, the leadership of the Moscow "Spartak" in order to avoid unnecessary expenses solved all remaining home matches of the championship of Russia to spend at their base in Tarasovka.However, as it became known special correspondent "Газеты.Ru" the true reason for the decision were numerous requests from fans of the club, who urged the President of the red-white Mr. Chernichenko possible to reasonably manage financial account book team and advised him the money saved to buy a couple more stars, preferably with the last name Souza.It is reported that the President has already heeded the requirements and sympathizers in the near future to the club to come to the candidates in the nursery Brazil midfielder Souza Dias, nicknamed "the Jackal" and forward Souza Dias, nicknamed "the Hyena", which is already starting to clap the shoulder of the captain of the "Spartacus" Yegor Titov..

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