In Rostov all thoughts about the Cup final

In Rostov all thoughts about the Cup finalImmediately after the game with Chornomorets all the fans began to look for a way to get to a final meeting with Spartak, and in the rush forgot that before the main match of the season, will have another game, no less important. Moreover Dynamo came to Rostov in the rank of one of the leaders of the championship. The match started at low temperatures, the team tried to seize the advantage in midfield, it seemed that the game will be boring. However, on 12 minutes, quite unexpectedly for Blyznyuk, Bulykin shot and hit the post, but the film left by the defenders, the rebound off the rack ambushed and knocked the ball into the net. I remembered the match three weeks ago, when an early goal team from Ramenskoye broke "Rostov" and they did already and are unable even to level the score. The home team immediately rushed to get back, and succeeded. The first dangerous call for Dynamo rang when Mikitin a powerful strike from afar, sent the ball over the crossbar. And literally a minute Maksimov gave a great pass to Kampamba, he went one on one with Berezovsky and was about to strike, when suddenly treacherous rolled back the Batak knocked him off his feet. The referee immediately pointed to the point, thereby provoking the anger of the capital players have long disputed penalty. The ball went up the hero of the Novorossiysk match Roman Adamov, and left no chance to Berezovsky diluted it and the ball at different angles. Already in the 25th minute, Г­ he organized another severe attack: Kampamba and James played a one-two Andrew burst into the penalty area, but the defender put his foot knocking the ball away for a corner. Immediately snapped Muscovites: ДЌesnauskis good shot from a distance, but Bliznyuk was in place. And in the 33rd minute, Kampamba, after the Batak, rolled the ball on the spot Brovina, but Basil, speakers for the first time in the starting lineup, "Rostov", to the dismay of fans, managed not to hit the ball. By the end of the half, the pace of the game has grown significantly, and began the so-called "football swing". Korchagin could take issue, but from a good position just wide of the post after a pass Karamana. Before the break, the coach of the home team has released pet Rostov public - Kanyenda, which replaced an ordinary-looking Brovina. However, in this game Malawian not logged in, and often missed the ball. The second half began with the attacks of guests, especially prominent was Koroman, over and over again Ognjen, "cheat" defenders "growth", but until the final pass or shot is not reached. Then the teams exchanged dangerous penalty, but if Batak sent the ball much higher, Shirshov Berezovsky made to "pull" the ball out of nine. Then again could be different Batak, but Slovak failed to take advantage of the "gift" Blyzniuk osobistego at the output after a corner. In the 62nd minute Korchagin volley hit under the crossbar, but Bliznyuk in a brilliant shot turned away for a corner. Then the hosts at the time seized the initiative by creating several half chances, the most dangerous of which was the impact of Kampamba, but Berezovsky again demonstrated their skills. Two consecutive opportunities had Mendy, but both times the ball is sent by them, did not give rise to Rostov players. By the end of the match the pace of the bout fell, teams were less active, but the points were still both clubs. Batak, pobyvavshii third penalty was close to the goal, but the ball went over the crossbar. And then Hendrix was trying to portray football masterpiece, but slipped and sent the ball slightly to the right of nines. The end of the match both teams simply played, arranged and draw both. The final whistle, and Rostov away points already at the fifth Moscow team, never once losing the capital's clubs. To be fair, although not always possible, I think that the score on the game, and it would be a shame if one of the teams lost. If I was just a fan, I liked the game, the match kept the audience in suspense until the very end. As regards the content of the game, I can't say that I'm happy. I think it's 50/50, but if again to be objective, time Bulykin failed to score, we won the Bout. Actually, I believe that the more players like Booth and Bulykin, our League will only thrive. (interrupting) Why finalist ? with the Cup Holder ! (loud laughter and applause) you hurt my colleague ? Who is your favorite in the finals ? I do not recognize the favourites before the match, who will be weightier arguments on the field he will win, with all due respect to Spartak, my sympathies were on the side of "growth", they successfully reached the final without playing at home single match, I'm sure this was at Shakhtar and we won the Cup. And favorites championship race you don't recognize? Now favorite more or less outlined, I want to believe that he will compete with some clubs. If we draw an analogy with the English League, there Arsenal was in the lead of 8 points ! And who became the champion, you know. But in our country there is no "Manchester United"- please Comment on the episode with the appointment of a penalty. I am not going. I think that such a penalty would normally give. Your task was to win today? I believe that every match must be adjusted for the win. We played to win, we put those people who are in our opinion the strongest to date. All played quite well. All that was conceived, managed to perform ? If it did, we would draw is not exactly played (smiles). Why is the replacement Brovina? Bad fit in the game. Yes, Roma are constantly improving. Goals: Adams, 20, penalty - Korchagin, 12 Warnings: Mikitin, 26, Shirshov, 33, Ragoczy, 86, Cananda, 90 - Tochilin, 20, Koroman, 23, tanasijevic, 54, Datel, 90 June 11. Rostov-on-don. The stadium Olympus 21st century" Rostov: Bliznyuk, Shirshov, Booth, Ragoczy, Datsenko, James (Hendrix, 70), Couple (Kanyenda, 36), Maksimov, Mikitin, Kampamba, Adam (Maslov, 79) Dynamo: Berezovsky, Tochilin, Batak, tanasijevic, Grishin, Mendy, ДЌesnauskis (Datel, 87), Koroman, baltiyev (Lutsenko, 73), Korchagin, Bulykin Judge: Vlasov (Kaluga) Photo from the official site "Rostov"".

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