Georgy Yartsev - 55!

Georgy Yartsev - 55!Today, April 11, marks 55 years Georgy Yartsev - renowned striker Spartak and the USSR national team.Big football Yartsev came at the age of 29. Before that, a failed attempt to gain a foothold in CSKA and for many years rundown on the periphery - from Kostroma to Smolensk. Himself Yartsev repeatedly admitted that it would quietly and finished in the second division, if not the persistence Beskova. Then, in 1977, the coach and the player as if the rope pulls: "Konstantin Ivanovich, I don't want you to take to run, or too old for this!" - waved Yartsev from Moscow's perspective. Beeskow insisted: "don't I take you take based solo. Konstantin Ivanovich was right - it would seem from mediocrity and the truth came soloist.1979. It was then that the rain was christened Spartacus weather. It happened in the days of the matches Spartak often drizzling. And Yartsev scored and scored. The Spartak fans with the experience still before my eyes the rain-drenched stadium "locomotive", jam-Packed with spectators, and drenched to Jora Yartsev with the ascended to heaven ? goal!Among the younger generation - other "Yartsevskaya Association. 1996. Bloodless "Spartak". The departed star - Cherkasova, Onopko, Yurana and others ? changed, in the words of their coach Yartsev, "the guys from pioneer unit": Titov, Meleshin, Shirko, Evseev, Duyun, Sticky, Gubanov - and the pioneer leader gurlukovich. Yartsev could not stand indifferent, probably, so 1996 was the season of feats - from the feint-revelations clever Cecinova the famous goalie saves Tikhonov in the match against Silkeborg". And the "Golden match" in St. Petersburg, when the final whistle with happiness mad is not only a "pioneer group", but also 12 thousand "Spartacus", "pierced" the mass migration in the history of the red - white movement. "Jo-ora Yartsev!" - sang by Dynamo fans are the glory of the main figure of the great victory.And then Yartseva in Spartak did not. As he tried Georgy Aleksandrovich, but in their new teams "Dynamo", and then "Rotor" ? being "one" failed: the result was poor. "Foreign body", ? it was rumored spiteful critics. But today they sincerely remember the coach who relates to their work and fanatically abhors around him indifferent.Konstantin BESKOV, head coach of "Spartak" of the 70s-80s:? I wish jort primarily health. For our coaching, the person is in life the most important thing. And always be cheerful, because Yartsev this glorious quality. I confess I was deeply moved when George invited me to his birthday party. Remembers, and it's so nice! Evgeny LOVCHEV, defender of "Spartacus" 60-70-ies.:? George - Spartak to the bone, a talented footballer and a person. By the way, we used to lived in one room, and at one time lived side by side in Sokolniki. George ? very emotional, and therefore vulnerable. I wish him luck. Have no doubt: a break in his professional activity is nothing more than the calm before the storm.Egor TITOV, captain of Spartak:Respect and love Georgy not only as a coach but as a man, with whom I always easy. I owe a lot to him in terms of personal development: still remember how he "pushed", and correctly "pushed", us young people in the unforgettable champion 1996. I wish him all the best, but the main thing ? as quickly as possible to return to his calling ? to George Aleksandrovichts 11 April 1948.In the USSR Championships he played 82 games and scored 38 goals (CSKA ? 1 game, Spartak - 81 games, 38 goals). Champion of the USSR 1979 Best scorer of the championship of the USSR-78 (19 goals). For the USSR national team played 5 matches.The head coach of Spartak Moscow (1996), which led to the title of champion of Russia. The head coach of Dynamo Moscow (1998?1999) and Volgograd "Rotor" (2000). Winner of the "Sagittarius" (1996)..

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