The Russian Cup final will judge Igor Egorov

The Russian Cup final will judge Igor EgorovIn the RFU held an organizational meeting on the final match for the Cup of Russia, according to "Soviet sport". Moscow 'Spartacus' became the official host of the upcoming playoff games, which will be held June 15 at the stadium 'the locomotive'.The time and venue of the finals between the Spartacists and Rostov were identified during the meeting, which was attended by the heads of the RFU clubs-finalists, the police Department of the city of Moscow, as well as representatives of the stadium 'locomotive'. The host of the match was determined by lot.The meeting will start at 15 hours, and television broadcast will be hosted by channel NTV . Fans of the Rostov team will be able to see the game and also one of the local channels.Following the meeting, was named chief judge of the match. They became Igor Egorov from Nizhny Novgorod. The inspector and the Commissioner of the final match scheduled Alexander Savkin and Sergey Kulikov..

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