The players of real Madrid's match against Manchester United

The players of real Madrid's match against Manchester UnitedCasillas:"it Was a very good football, a lot of goals and thousands of points, so I think that people left happy. It was important to pass to the next round and we did. There were moments when we acted badly, because 1:1 we were thrown a little back, because we dominated this game. However, we were lucky to score after the break and it gave us confidence.My actions? In truth, we don't thing that we missed such goals because every goal was for us as a dressing down, but that's OK, we scored our two goals. It is true that second goal made us smile, and the goal Beckham's happened due to the fact that I didn't see the point, where was deposited a shot.We must congratulate Ronaldo, but also a class act the whole team. "Old Trafford" were clapping when we left, and it only happens when the fans see a great team."Roberto Carlos:"the Team had a sensational game, we played very well for very many minutes on a very heavy pitch. Now we need to support this line in the game against Sevilla. It is a pity that left Barcelona and Valencia, but we are confident that we will be a worthy representative of Spanish football in the semi-finals. Ronaldo I am not surprised, I know him since I was eight, and I know he's capable of it and est much more. Some goals "Manchester" were the result of luck, but it forms the beauty of football, so we enjoyed an exciting game."Hierro:"In truth, it is very difficult to summarize or make a generalization like this game. I obejct that each other was opposed by the best attacking teams in Europe. Manchester United are a great team, with an impressive attacking play. We acted boldly and therefore scored."We showed spectacle, with scoring goals and it is logical that qualified for the next stage. Juventus? Know them as a good Italian team, it will be very difficult, we pridetsja to suffer, to go through them, I'm sure we won't see the same game against Manchester United, but in our mind is the idea to be back in the finals."I am sure that this game was special for Ronaldo and Raul. We wanted to dedicate Raul this step in the semi-finals and wanted his absence was not obvious. I think what we achieved".The Figo:"It was a real game of football an impressive level, which was dominated by entertainment and goals. I think that no football fan was not disappointed by the show. This TSA was due to the philosophy of both teams. We knew that we will have to put pressure, but we knew how to seize the advantage, when necessary, and key moments in the game we were more explicit than them, so we went out in the semi-finals.English fans are the example for the whole world: they were with the team until the very end despite the result, they have created an exceptional atmosphere. It is important that the team throughout the match played with a great attitude. We dominated the game for much of the time and at some points we were able to decide the outcome of the confrontation."I hope that the final will be the Spanish team, real Madrid". In the three semi-finals of the Italian club, but I think the best championship - Spanish.I note the growth of Casillas. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, if not the best. The team is always necessary that he acted".Makelele:"it is Very important that we qualified for the next stage, the result in our hands, but I think we played very well. Coach wanted us to play more personally, kept the ball, and I think we deserved to be in the semifinals. Now you need to think about Sevilla, later we will think about Juventus, we are there, and where you want, and we are left with a difficult month."Manchester was a great team, but the real Madrid played Champions intentions. Ronaldo deserved ovation from the audience. He knows what his goals are very important, although it is a tribute to the entire team. We missed Raul, if he was, heads would be more."McManaman:"I was adult to be in the first team, but I am a professional and always wants to play. It was a great game for me. For those who played at Liverpool, the game against Manchester United is always especially. Today I have a lot of friends here. For me today it was like for madrida game against Barcelona.Physically I'm in good shape, I am very satisfied. I think we played a great match. He ended with schtrom 4:3, but it was much more dangerous moments. Now you need to go virtd to Juventus because they come first in the Italian championship, but I have great confidence that we proadm and this round".Salgado:"It was an open game, we are pleased to have achieved our goal of reaching the next round. First goal for Manchester United and affected us very badly, because we controlled the game and five minutes when we lost control of the ball we had harmed. In this stadium the "United" to score three goals in five minutes, especially because it has found such a dangerous hitter. I think the audience enjoyed the game."Solari:"Again we are entering a decisive phase in the year. I think that the whole world enjoyed that kind of football, including players. Ronaldo was great and helped us get through to the next round, although it was a team effort. Also, do not forget that we did a great job in the first match, because scored three goals there were decisive. Thanks to goals from the game was very entertaining, in two games, scored 11 goals.It was impressive. It will be difficult to show such a spectacular game in the games against Manchester United. The applause of the fans summed up this confrontation"..

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