Belozerov have not talked with the head coach of Spartak

Belozerov have not talked with the head coach of SpartakAs previously reported, the 21-year-old defender Togliatti 'Okay' and the youth national team of Russia Alexander Belozerov signed a five-year contract with 'Spartacus'.Defender for the second time will try to gain a foothold in 'Spartacus'. The first time he failed to break into the first squad in 2000 and returned in 'Harmony'.In an interview with 'the Soviet sports' Belozerov said it not bother you that the first attempt failed. 'I was not twenty - to compete with experienced players at this age is extremely difficult. By the way, now in 'Spartacus' with those times there was Kovtun, Parfenov, Titov. According to 'the youth' know Pavlyuchenko - so the team would not call too unfamiliar to me,' he said.He said he was ready to play defense without the last defender - in line. 'Lada' the last two years that such a scheme and uses. Likewise for 'Junior'. So there is no problem. Although in Togliatti this season I most often played as a defensive midfielder, " said rookie of 'Spartacus'.He also said that so far haven't talked to head coach Andrei Chernyshev..

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