Dinamo - CSKA: analysis of the match

Dinamo - CSKA: analysis of the match3:2. Last year the fans of CSKA made you shiver from these figures. Almost all lesions in the season 2002, by magical coincidence, the army suffered with such a score. Now, apparently, it's time for fate to repay debts.Still, the current CSKA has an impressive margin of safety! Judge for yourself: the second match in a row the red and blue meet with the principal rival, victory over require "the blood from the nose." The second match in a row is not playing their best game. And for the second time in a row - win. In the end, for the first time in four rounds sole first place. Start - almost like last year, only then the army started with five wins in a row.Many circumstances on the Sabbath day were against CSKA. Got sick and was not even on the bench Juris Laizans is one of the key Midfielders team. In the first half because of an injury left field Rolan Gusev, the significance of which for CSKA, I think, once again no need to explain. And most importantly, the team was not Valeriy Gazzaev!Coach sore for a week. He arrived at the base only on Friday. Spent the game and talked individually with each of the players (this is one of the mandatory gazzaevskim postulates) and again broke up with her. The doctors prohibited. Instructions to the assistants were given over the phone.Maybe for any other team, no coach and could pass unnoticed. But not for CSKA. Gazzaev for my guys mean too much. He is a psychologist and teacher, and father. Installation Gazzaev the game is so individual and specific in its emotionality that it is already legends.Coincidence or not, usually CSKA always begins powerfully and the first and second halves, and now after the break, the players took to the field other: could not see in their eyes that fire, which can sometimes be observed. But the first half of the game required to make adjustments, and - most importantly! - new emotions.Coincidence or not, the army and the judge argued smaller than usual. It is, of course, the referee Egorov from Nizhny Novgorod so act. But it seems to me, that's not it-it's not just the so - lyrical digressions. This is evidence of thought, above: current CSKA has an impressive margin of safety."Dinamo", by the way, proved that it in any way cannot be accepted as Caliph for an hour. Team with your gaming line, its strategy, its style. And clearly a contender for the top spots in this year's championship. Maybe not at first, which was shared with the army until the fourth round, but the silver-bronze for sure. For gold to play together and grow strong need meat to grow. As aptly thrown Rolan Gusev after the match, friend-rival Dynamo Dmitry Bulykin: "it is too early to be first!".For current CSKA not sooner. On the contrary, most of the time. Last year was spent on this "fouling meat". Current team Gazzaev to the championship has grown.90 minutes 3 minutes. Gusev from the right wing plays a great ball into the box on Semak, and the head passes the ball into the far from BEREZOVSKY angle. The goalkeeper leaps manages to translate the game for a corner.8-I. The BALTIYEV has an effort from 18 yards into the far corner - the ball hits the post.10-I. TOCHILIN unsuccessfully knocks the ball from the penalty area. Gogniev picks him up and hits under the crossbar - 0:1.14-I. After the transfer Gogniev Yanovsky strike into the far corner of the Dynamo. The ball hits the post and bounces to BEREZOVSKY.25. COREMAN from the left flank plays a great ball into the box - BULYKIN head sends the ball into the corner - 1:1.40-I. After the transfer of the right of the depth of field Popov goes one on one with the goalkeeper, but BEREZOVSKY manages the first to reach the ball.61-I. Semak from the right wing plays a great ball into the box Jarosik, and Cech for a header. BEREZOVSKY have time to react, but still misses the ball over the goal line with 1:2. 63-I. Janowski has an effort from the penalty range, the leg substitutes Gogniev - the ball two feet from the goal post BEREZOVSKY.76th. Popov after a pass Semak of depth of field and plays HANEKE and, coming close to the Keeper, gets past him into the goal - 1:3.80-I. ДЊESNAUSKIS from the right flank into the penalty area and has exactly into the near corner of the goal - 2:3.81-I. GRISHIN from the left flank curls in an excellent cross to the near post. KHAZOV leaps and without resistance causes a head kick the ball goes wide.Statisticaldata - CSKA - 2:3 (1:1)goals: 10 min Gogniev, 10; 25 min. Bulykin, 25 (Karaman); 61 min. Jarosik, 61 (Semak); 76 min. Popov, 76 (Semak); 80 min.

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