FC Rostov apologized for journalists from the banks of the don

FC Rostov apologized for journalists from the banks of the donThe relationship between the press and representatives of football clubs sometimes leave much to be desired. An interesting case occurred in Rostov, where representatives of the local team were even forced to apologize for the behavior of a single wordsmiths using a special press release, the press service of FC "Rostov". Here is the text in full: "After the match "Zenit" - FC torpedo-metallurg" press attachГ Moscow club Maxim Motin quite reasonably noticed the incorrect cries of a number of sports journalists sitting in the press box, Rostov stadium. I would like to draw the attention of our colleagues to the fact that the press is designed to work, not for racist and offensive shouts. Please continue to be more restrained, otherwise we have the right to act in accordance with the Federal law on mass media. In turn, apologize to the players, "torpedo-metallurg" for uncivilized behavior of some of the Rostov journalists. However, can't ignore the fact that the head coach of the club "torpedo-metallurg" Sergey Aleynikov came to the postgame press conference with a delay of 20 minutes. Not hastened the arrival and repeated requests to Maxim Motino to invite Mr. Aleynikov's official post-match procedure is regulated by the Premier League. Only through the efforts of the press service of FC "Rostov" and patience Rostov journalists, they were able to wait for the coach of the team in Moscow. Otherwise, the "torpedo-metallurg" 'd wait for penalties."".

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