Stefan Effenberg: the change of power in the Champions League will not be

Stefan Effenberg: the change of power in the Champions League will not beIn its traditional column on the German pages of the electronic publication "" former captain of Bayern Munich Stefan Effenberg analyzes the results atsumasa quarterfinal battles of the Champions League."We all saw a great football night - recognized winner of the UEFA Champions League in 2001 year, is the second game of one-fourth of the final of the European Cup took place exactly as I expected: not only a lot of goals, but a lot of football action. The undisputed hit of the tour was a match at the old Trafford. With all due respect to Manchester United from the outset it was clear that to turn the wheel of fortune in their favor they can not afford. Madrid, with a home victory, until the middle of the second half, constantly had a lead. In their actions was a look of confidence that if need be, they will score as much as necessary for the final victory. For this reason, during the match they sometimes ceded the initiative to the opponent".Stefan Effenberg expressed surprise at the late entrance of David Beckham on the field, but did not fail to add that the outcome of the confrontation between the teams was hardly different if the superstar Alex worked for 90 minutes of the game. Former playmaker of the most titled club of Germany expressed regret about the defeat of Ajax in Milan."Conceded in stoppage time goal was very hurtful, "says Effenberg, but Ajax has shown that the team carried out a great work with the younger generation and that they must be reckoned with all the giants of European football". Despite the release of three Italian clubs in the Champions League semi-final, former captain of Bayern believes that real Madrid will be able to defend the title of the strongest club of the Old world. Real Madrid are very strong, says Effenberg, and I don't think that in the European ranking will be a change of government. The main favourite to win the Champions League for me was and is the team, which play such players extra class as Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo and Raul."".

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