Interview with Luis Figo before the upcoming Derby.

Interview with Luis Figo before the upcoming Derby.Luis Figo has become a symbol of real Madrid. "Meeting", which was made for him by fans in Barcelona in the first leg, making him the main character in the Saturday game. Correspondents of the newspaper "Mark" wanted to talk with Figo to savour this moment. 30 minutes was enough to ensure that he becomes even more madridista day by day. And it seems there is no end. Figo happy in Madrid and he owns it.- At the time you said you signed a contract with real Madrid because he wanted to gain credibility. Did you do this?- Without a doubt. Real Madrid is a club that has the most authority in the world. His greatness is huge, and it gives him the titles he wins. Year after year he proves it. My performance during the period that I am in Madrid, superprofile. During the three years that I prowl here, I won a lot of titles. Better just could not be.- This season, you have already won two titles. You seem possible to win est two?- No doubt. Now is a crucial time, and we have that opportunity. Until the finale, we're going to rely on our strength. None of the team is no more possible than we have, isn't it?- The inevitable question this week, before the game, "Madrid" Barcelona: this is a special match? This is a Derby and that he is special. The past exists in order to remember htm, but for anything more. My life is here, and I only focus on Real Madrid. Neither CTM more. I'm not fixated on the twms the past. Perhaps someone is following him, because three years have passed, and everything about me est say. I am the only player they remember three years later. "You remember what happened in the match at camp Nou?- Yes, but I don't think about it every day. It's the past, it really is in the past.- Doesn't it seem incredible that the camp Nou has not applied sanctions?- It is already known that all these committees always wasting time (smatsa). Justice will prevail. It would be logical if this question was rest, it would be for the benefit of all. The uncertainty that sozdaetsya, the worst. Decisions must be taken, and then others will want to play at home, and it would be impossible." What lesson have you learned from what happened? It's the past. All that happened is bad, very bad for the image of Barcelona. Learn from your mistakes, and I hope that they will remember it, and in the future on the field will always prevail sporting atmosphere. - It is clear that the victory of real Madrid on Saturday can deliver "Barcelona" many problems including even fly from Esplanade.- Taking into account the class of their players, it's impossible to see Barcelona in Segunda. Of course, they will do anything to get out of this bad situation, and that's because they care about everything that happens. I don't think they will be in such a predicament.- You have pleasure playing against Barcelona and then against Manchester United?- Of course, Yes, although not all days can be good.- Would not it be strange to see Figo at camp Nou in the Champions League semi-final?- This option is very real. If we have to play, we'll do it. - This will be a beautiful match, isn't it?- All the semi-finals of the Champions League is always such.- This will be another match for Figo?- I've always talked about, but there are people who see it differently. This is a unique case, because, as I said earlier, I continue to say three years later.- Saturday, of course, you will be served a corner. And if it will be at camp Nou?- Of course, Yes. If the coach tells me to do, I'll do it without the slightest doubt of it." A team of assnat what it means for the fans win against Barcelona?- Of course, we want to make them happy. As well as ourselves. Our goal is to continue to bring joy and win at Barcelona's very important to win the League.- You have enough strength to win the League in Spain and the Champions League? Yes, of course. It depends on our physical condition, because our class allows us to win in any field. Congestion games is the only thing that can put this into question. - In the match against Manchester United you scored the goal that seems to have determined the further course of the game. You remembered Beckham before, during or after the match? While during the week this issue was discussed from the "outside team", I didn't know and have heard nothing about it, although my family stayed in Madrid, never stopped to ask whether I'm going to leave the "real" or not. I was very calm because I feel good in Madrid. I don't see any reason to change anything. Gossip is always there, especially at this time of year.- The source of all the comments about the arrival of Beckham had a strange thought: "large acquisitions over." - And I think so, because the teams do not have such money to buy players. The market situation is confirmed. Football has changed, and they have a great financial difficulties, and they can become est more.- By asking this question, don't mean Beckham.

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