Winning streak CSKA stopped Rostov

Winning streak CSKA stopped RostovApril 19 at the Dynamo stadium in Moscow, the Russian League leaders CSKA took Rostov, who held up this game in seventh place in the table. All thirteen of thousands of fans came to the match with full confidence in the victory of their favorites. But today, the team won four out of four games at the start of the championship, was not destined to continue its winning streak.CSKA started the game very actively. At the 10th minute of the match after the filing Gogniev corner Semak faster all figured out in the penalty area, but his shot managed to reflect Bliznyuk. Ceresara minutes Gogniev had the opportunity to be different, but Hendrix, timely rescue in defence, carried the ball for a corner. By the middle of the first half, the band managed to equalize the game. On 17 minutes a dangerous attack on the left flank could result in goals Mandrykin, made a mistake on the exit, but to help his goalkeeper came on time Shershun, knocking the ball away for a corner. However, one corner CSKA't have that luxury. Three corners in succession, after which Rostov was able to open an account - here is the result of the first dangerous attack Rostovites. In the 28th minute in danger opened in the center Popov, but, receiving the ball to go one on one with Bliznyuk failed: Ragoczy managed to catch up with CSKA forward and knock the ball away. At the 30th minute for a clear delay the opponent's hand received a yellow card Maksimov, and on 32 minutes, it was replaced by Karpovich, however this was caused by trauma Anton, not his yellow card. Meanwhile, the army began to settle on the gate Blyznyuk, even twice, first from the left, and then from the right flank gets his shot on target Semak, but the goalkeeper of "Rostov" both times confidently took the ball in his hands. Only in the 41st minute of the dangerous attack managed to make James, but hardly bursting into the penalty area left midfielder Г­ lost the ball in the fight against the Right. Last chance to open the scoring was not used by Gogniev, after a pass Popov sending the ball over the crossbar. In the second half Gazzaev in the hope of aggravation for the game released on the Alan Kusov. Attack hosts were noticeably sharper, but brilliantly played defense Г­ headed Bliznyuk. Two dangerous was the best scorer of the championship Jiri Jarosik, but in the first time are saved by Kruscic, taking the brunt of Cech from the penalty, and in the second Cech shot just over the bar. In the 60th minute for highly questionable violation bout against Kusov main referee Sergey Lapochkin was awarded a penalty against Rostov. But Semak has once again failed to beat Blyznyuk. However, in the next moment Ilya and didn't play the role of Savior fulfilled the Booth cleared the ball out of an empty net. Gazzaev tried to further enhance the game in the attack, releasing Kirichenko, and then replacing tired Popov Samodin. On the field, "Rostov" came Kanyenda, replacing a team captain Alexander Maslov. Replacement Gazzaev, however, did not bring the desired result, on the contrary, the result is too played in the attack, the army missed the counter features. In the 76th minute, accurate pass freed from the tutelage Shershun Kampamba brought the South African one, not one with Mandrykin. The CSKA goalkeeper is not bailed out this time. It is noteworthy that the name "gift" in English means "gift" really, this goal was a good gift Rostovites. In the last fifteen minutes only twice CSKA were able to create danger at the gate, "Rostov". Again on the edge of the attack the army was Jarosik, but today he managed to get only the post. And at the end of the match, Kanyenda almost increased their lead running away after the error Shershun one-on-one. But the IDF threw the ball not only over the goalkeeper, but also through the gate. In 19 hours and 50 minutes Sergey Lapochkin's whistle signaled the end of the match. Thus, CSKA, playing at home, suffered their first defeat of the season..

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