The Premiership Cup. Opinions

The Premiership Cup. OpinionsMost managers and coaches of the Russian teams support the idea of holding the Premiership Cup. But newly tournament has roughness and defects, which significantly reduce its prestige.Vitaly MUTKO, the President of Premier and club "Zenit":? Yes, the top teams are not the strongest compositions. This circumstance equalizes the chances of the opponents and gives the Cup Premier League unpredictable nature. And the examples don't need to go far ? the tournament already gave some unexpected results.Yuri MISHIN, Director General of "torpedo":? Cup Premier League, no doubt, necessary. We are satisfied with the timing of the Cup, and regulations of this competition. In this tournament we have a great opportunity to check out the nearest reserve, resulting in the breaks between the matches of the championship game practice. By the way, in the first match against Dynamo after the break caused by trauma, first entered the field our team captain Vladimir Levchenko. I believe that interest in sports tournaments ? on the second plan. And where to take him, if initially the teams compete in unequal conditions. Defeat the leaders of the Russian football Lokomotiv and CSKA, who played second compositions ? proof.Alexander CHIKUNOV, sports Director of "Spartacus":? I'm ambivalent about this tournament. On the one hand, fill in the gaps between the League meetings against strong opponents ? that's good, because the players have needed match practice. With another ? now it is very hard to spend any game, as there is no normal fields. And like you can play on synthetics, in the same stadium, but then at the end of this week we have to play in natural field important calendar CSKA - You know how undesirable the transition from one cover to another.Two games with "Saturn", however, proved to be very handy. Every victory is important emotionally. In addition, we were able to check out the fight of our recruits from among Brazilians. The day before yesterday full games are against suburban players held the key players of the team Titov and Vashchuk.Vitaliy SHEVCHENKO, head coach of Saturn-REN TV":? Cup Premier League ? needed competition. We seriously approached to participate in this tournament, and I'm annoyed that our team dropped out of the fight for the main prize. However, our return match against "Spartak" was missing one component that gives charm to the play-offs. Namely ? the fans. Without them and the football is not so emotional. Although both our meetings with "Spartak" was very interesting, with plenty of goals scored. We and our opponents wanted to win. What is the fate of our confrontation was decided in overtime, ? proof.Viktor PROKOPENKO, head coach of "Dinamo":? Even before the start of the tournament many people asked me whether the League Cup as such? Without hesitation answered positively. He has never been well suited for players who do not fall in the number of those who takes the field in League matches. However, this does not mean that we expose reserve team, as he had done many teams. Our Foundation consists of little more than twenty people.Yuri BELOUS, General Manager of FC torpedo-metallurg":? I think this tournament is useful. However, due to the lack of serious motivation matches in it are in the nature of control. Teams that do not have their own arenas, they have to go to extra expense. It is unprofitable to go to the next round. Say, "torpedo-metallurg" even if win the Cup Premier League and win the main prize of the competition, will not be able to recover their costs. So, they need to increase the prize Fund. After all, one only rent the stadium "torpedo" name Eduard Streltsov costs about $ 20 thousand. As for the purely sporting side, the prestige of the tournament would go up significantly if the winner was given a place in the UEFA Cup..

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