Real Madrid - Manchester United. Match report

Real Madrid - Manchester United. Match reportBrilliant goal Luis Figo at the gates "Manchester United" and double Raul became solid application of real Madrid in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League. However, the British are unlikely to give up ahead of the return leg. Hope the fans of Manchester United have brought a goal Ruud van Nistelrooy, who retained the command of sir Alex Ferguson the chance to play the final at home on "old Trafford".For this match, around which there was great excitement, both teams come in the strongest lineup. Three years ago, real Madrid and Manchester United have met at this stage of the tournament - then the first match in Spain ended in a goalless draw, but DALSA eventually passed the Spaniards. Apparently, with that in mind, sir Alex never tired to recall the importance of the goal scored on the road... the Beginning of the game was for real, but the guests, mindful of the precepts of his coach, he soon found their first game and Paul Scholes forced Iker Casillas to demonstrate all their skills, and then van Nistelrooy under a tense silence of the audience ran the ball just over the crossbar.And in the 12th minute of the weighty word said by a famous football speaker is Luis Figo. Shifted from the right edge to the left edge of the penalty of Manchester United, he played a simple "wall" with Zidane and the incredible performance of woven blow sent the ball in an arc in the "nine" gates Fabien Barthez.After that, the "Santiago Bernabeu" did not stop, but the roar of approval, which was received Figo goal, you can't even compare with sour howling after the referee Anders frisk is not a penalty for the demolition of Ronaldo Wes brown.And yet "inches" did not remain long without cause for elation. After Rio Ferdinand lost positionally duel Raul, best scorer of the League Champions of all time, the Spaniard held his 42nd goal in the history of the tournament. Having received the accurate pass from Zidane, Raul calmly sent the ball into the near corner of the goal of Barthez.The case began to take to Manchester quite menacing turn, the more that "real" continued to attack. It is not known what could be the final score, if not great game of Barthez. Twice the Frenchman saved the goal. First time - after a dangerous kick Roberto Carlos, the second - after the misfire of the same brown. At the other end of the field the rest of the defenders broke except van Nistelrooy after the run and pass from Ryan Giggs has pierced the outside of the netting.And 3 minutes after the start of the second half the situation at Manchester United became worse - real Madrid scored the third goal. Figo has demonstrated the game that earned him the title of best player in the world - on the right flank of the Portuguese beat brown, passed to Raul, and the 18-metre shot from the left struck the gate of the French Keeper. However, Manchester United wouldn't be myself if I'd thrown the white flag. The British rushed to the attack, and it has borne fruit. First, Giggs after Gary Neville's cross shot from close range, but Casillas parried the blow. However, goalkeeper of Spain could not do anything when coming up van Nistelrooy was the first time to finish off. In the Champions League on account of the Dutchman 11 goals - a record for the tournament result.Two minutes later, van Nistelrooy could have scored a second goal, but this time unwary defense "real" saved by Casillas. Slowly Manchester played more confidently, so chances and half-chances began to appear at the gates of both teams. But the most significant events remaining playing time became yellow cards Neville and Scholes. Both will miss the return match with a "Royal club" in England. This will further complicate the already difficult task of "MU".Adam Schroeter.

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