CSKA. Evaluation of the FE

CSKA. Evaluation of the FEA] is 5.5. To work hard and sweat had no chance. During the scoring attack Rostovites to the end and haven't decided whether to stay on the line, whether to reduce the angle of attack, allowing Kampamba to hit the gate.In. BEREZUTSKY and 5.0. Not representing a sample of the reliability and James beat him, and Maslov created from under him dangerous moment.SHERSHUN is 5.5. The only glitch gave fatal to the army 76th minute when not managed to back partners. When standards were pushed forward and had a chance to score in the second half.And. BEREZUTSKI is 5.5. The lack of pressure from the part of the opponent's attack allowed him to connect to the attacks of the army.SOLOMATIN is 5.5. Worked conscientiously and in defence and in attack.RAHIMIĆ is 5.5. Have done a huge amount of rough work.JAROSIK is 6.0. Several times he clutched his head after faithful of missed chances. Due to its activity could decide the fate of the match at least three times.JANOWSKI is 5.5. Was active, the overall picture did not spoil, but the break has been replaced with the purpose of strengthening the attacking power of the team.GOGNIEV to 5.0. Tried, but quality products left in the previous game.SEMAK is 5.5. Deserved particular outcome in the penalty duel with Bliznyuk.POPOV is 5.5. As always, rammed defense. But the striker is bound to hit the target.KUSOV - 5,5. Increased the attack. Earned a penalty.KIRICHENKO and 5.0. Rule - Kirichenko comes on as a sub and then sharpens the game - didn't work this time.SAMODIN is 5.5. Twenty minutes had many things: his head sent the ball into the post, made potentially scoring a discount on the Jarosik. For the debut played great..

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