Vogts is not going to resign

Vogts is not going to resignWednesday team Scotland were defeated with a score of 0-2 in a friendly match against the national team of Austria. The head coach of Scots Berti Vogts was clearly unhappy with the defeat of their wards."This defeat was very disappointing. I understand the frustration of fans. The team plays bad, and we should push to achieve the best result," said Vogts.Your next friendly match of team Scotland will play against team New Zealand on 27 may in Edinburgh.After the defeat of the Austrians Scottish press began fiercely criticising the national team of Scotland, describing the game as "hopeless, gloomy, terrible."As for the Vogts, the press has long been eager for his dismissal, or rather after a draw with the score 2-2 in the qualifying match of Euro 2004 with the Faroe Islands."In Scotland it is very difficult to work, but I am trying my best. But we also have good results. For example, Andy Webster played well in his debut for the national team. I also really like the game Jim McFadden and don Hutchison. But well have to play not only the individual players and the whole team in General. Do I want to leave his post? Of course, no. I have a job, and I want to transfer all their experience to the players of the national team, Association Football Scotland and Scottish football," said Vogts.Your next qualifying match of team Scotland will play against Germany on 7 June..

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